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Mamas & Papas Stanley Snail Rocker

Learn all about this fun and super cute snail rocker chair.
  • Soft padded seat covered in velour

  • Right antennae plays a cheerful melody

  • Left antennae features a fun speaker

  • Solid wood frame

  • Handgrips and footrests for stability

This bright and funky snail rocking chair will give your child hours of enjoyment.

With its cheery smile and bold colours, the Stanley Snail Rocker is the perfect way to stimulate and entertain your little one. Babies between 9 months and 2 years will love climbing on top of Stanley Snail's soft-padded back, and rocking to their hearts' content.

Not only does the Stanley Snail Rocker provide a fun place for your baby to sit, it can also keep him/her entertained with its melodies and different sounds. Press the right antennae to play a cheerful tune, or press the left antennae to hear your snail rocker speak.

Rocking away on Stanley Snail can help your child's development, too. Using the handgrips and footrests to rock back and forth, your baby can improve their coordination, balance, and strength. They will also feel secure and happy, instilling them with confidence.

We love the Mamas & Papas Stanley Snail Rocker because it provides baby with hours of fun and enjoyment. Once they're on and rocking away, they won't want to get off! This combined with the level of mental and physical stimulation that Stanley Snail offers makes it a real winner for young toddlers.

We think the Mamas & Papas Stanley Snail Rocker is a great toy to add to any young toddler's collection.

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Retailer Price £70.00

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