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Making up a bottle feed.

Useful information on making up formula milk for a bottle feed for your baby.
Before making up a feed for your baby you should wash your hands thoroughly, make sure that the equipment has been fully sterilised and check that the work surface is clean. It is important to follow the measurements specified by the manufacturer exactly when making a feed, this will help to prevent your baby from becoming ill.

When making up a bottle feed using formula milk you should....
  • Boil fresh water (to at least 70 degrees C) and let it cool for no more than half an hour before making up a feed
  • Add the water to the bottle first. Check that you are using the correct amount by looking at the water level in the bottle.
  • Take a scoop of milk powder, level it off using a knife (being careful not to compress it) and then add it to the bottle.
  • Always use the scoop provided by the manufacturer and add the exact number of scoops specified on the packaging.
  • Place the teat on the neck of the bottle, fix it in place using the retaining ring and cover with the lid.
  • Shake the mixture until the powder has completely dissolved.
  • Test the temperature of the milk - if it is too warm you can hold the bottle under a cold tap for a few minutes to cool it.
  • You should then feed the formula milk to your baby immediately.
Current guidelines suggest that it is unsafe to make up a feed for your baby in advance. If you are going out for the day you should fill a flask with boiled water and only combine it with the formula milk powder just before your baby needs a feed. This will help to minimise the risk of your baby being exposed to any harmful bacteria.

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hi my baby seems quite hungry can i mix hungry mix and first miilk sma together in her feed like 3oz of first milk and 2oz of hungry sma help please michelle
by sumichelle 25th Aug 2010, 4:15pm
have been breast feeding my baby who is now 4 months & half old. I'm due to start back at work in six weeks so i need him to take a bottle with other milk during the hours i work. I've tried different bottles, teats, & spouted beaker. I gave also my own milk and i put it in the bottle, other people have also tried and failed. He cries and pushing the bottle & the teat in his tongue then he sleep without drinking milk. Please help me i would be grateful for your advice. :-(
by priyangani 27th Jan 2010, 9:39am
so if you have to make the bottle up fresh each time how long is that bottle fresh for ? one hour or is that diffrent too ?
by daniellewilliams 21st May 2009, 9:16am
hello, i've read that its important not to leave formula as it could cause bacteria growth. But would it be okay to leave a made up bottle of formula at the suitable feeding temperature.
Just wondering if this is possible because im a product design student and I am looking at how to make feeding easier especially at night times like 3am etc. My thoughts are to design a bottle warmer that has a feature to keep it at the oppropriate temp, so you can have it ready when needed..
Any thoughts and ideas would be welcome.. thank you
by studentdamen 11th Sep 2008, 8:51am