Making story time special

Top tips on the art of reading to your child
Every parent understands the importance of reading to their child but exactly when should you start? According to new research more then three quarters of parents begin reading to their child before their first birthday and over a fifth introduce their kids to the world of books before they are 3 months old!

With studies showing kids who are read to at a young age do better in school it comes as no surprise that a massive two thirds of parents read to their child on a daily basis. A further 85% agree that it's a great bonding activity according to new research by Fairy.

Wendy Cooling, children's literature expert, says: "It is never too soon to read to your baby. Book sharing is a pleasure for child and adult alike and there are benefits for babies too as they learn to look, point, touch, listen, talk and concentrate. An expressive reader can also help communication and emotional development. Babies soon imitate sounds and repeated words and so develop an ear for language - a real help later as they learn to read."

Watch Wendy reveal her top tips on how you can teach your child the magical benefits of readingÂ…

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