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Lying down prolongs labour, report suggests

Moving around or sitting upright in early childbirth has been linked to a shorter labour.
Kneeling, standing, sitting upright or walking around during the initial stage of labour can help speed delivery and limit painful contractions, a new report has found.

Data reviewed by Cochrane Researchers indicated that women who chose to lie down in the early stages of childbirth progressed slower than those who moved around or adopted an upright position.

Australia-based researcher Annemarie Lawrence commented: "This review demonstrates that there is some benefit and no risk to being upright and or mobile during first stage labour.

"In most developing countries, women stand up or walk around as they wish during the early stages of birth with no ill effects."

According to the National Childbirth Trust, birthing centres offer healthy women with no pregnancy complications an alternative place to deliver their baby.

Reports suggest that homebirths are also popular among expectant mums in the UK, with celebrities such as Charlotte Church and Davina McCall advocating the trend.

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