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Lunar fertility enhancement

Useful information on how lunar fertility enhancement can regulate your menstrual cycle, boost your natural fertility and naturally enhance your chance of conceiving.
Lunar fertility is believed by many to provide an alternative, naturalistic way of enhancing fertility. It is based on the assumption that each woman's menstrual cycle and individual periods of fertility are directly influenced by the phases of the moon. As a result of this lunar influence it is said that a women has 2 fertile times and therefore 2 opportunitites to conceive each month.

The first fertile period is during mid-cycle, hormonal related ovulation, as is currently accepted by the medical profession. However, the second is dependent on each woman's unique planetary influence and can occur at any time during the menstrual cycle. Therefore lunar fertiliy theory dictates that by trying to conceive at your mid-cycle ovulation time only you may be missing out on a chance to conceive. offer you an individually tailored Lunar Fertility Enhancement plan.


Throughout history lunar and menstrual cycles have been inextricably linked, with a 'healthy' women's menstrual cycle being equal to one lunar month. Both cycles consist of 29 days (although due to external influences the duration of a woman's menstrual cycle can vary between 25 and 34 days) and the average length of a full term pregnancy is exactly 9 lunar months (38 weeks).

The current theory used to predict the relationship between lunar and menstrual cycles was put forward in the 50's by Dr Eugene Jonas (although it has received modification since). It was developed as an explanation for why many women fall pregnant at a time in their biological menstrual cycle when, according the the rhythm method, they are supposed to be infertile. Although this theory is not currently accepted by the mainstream medical profession, independent research has found some support.

How it works

The appearence of the moon varies on a day to day basis in accordance with its orbit around the earth and position relative to the sun. During each lunar phase the portion of the moon we are able to see from the earth alters and changes from a new moon through to a full moon and then back again - it is this lunar cycle that takes 29 days.

Lunar fertility theory implies that you will be most fertile when the moon is in the same lunar phase (i.e its position relative to the earth and sun) as when you were born. On this basis it is supposedly possible for a specially trained astrologer to pinpoint the time and date at which you are most fertile each month.

Your chances of conceiving are said to be greatest if your mid-cycle ovulation falls at the same time as your period of lunar fertility. However, if you suffer from irregular periods there are traditional methods which are said to regulate your menstrual cycle and realign it with the lunar cycle so that your fertility can be enhanced.

Although lunar fertility methods are not scientifically proven and are not suitable for anyone who has a medical problem that prevents them from conceiving, many find this method works and is a safe, non-invasive way to enhance fertility. are able to provide you with an individually tailored lunar fertility plan that encompasses all of the information you need to regulate your cycle, time intercourse and boost your fertility to help you fall pregnant quickly and naturally.

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If you want to have a go at working it out for free, google fertility and the moon phase cycle and go through the steps there.
by xxxmichellexxx 14th May 2010, 3:29pm
just read your article on the relationship of conception and lunar cycles. I have a theory that i think you should look into. It is already accepted by some technicians in the finacial world that markets move to lunar cycles (i.e mkts turn on fixed cycles within say a 3 x 28 day lunar cycle) and that they are closely related to wave relationships.
I have an allotment so i am aware of the advantages of sowing to the moon cycle.
there is also a published theory about harvesting to the moon. It basically works like this, if you are harvesting root vegetables then they should be pulled on the descending moon, this is because the moon is pushing the sap of the plant into the ground so they should store longer. if you are picking squashes then you would pick on the ascending moon as the sap is being pulled upwards i.e above ground.
it is often noted that some couples with no medical issues often take 6 - 8 months to concieve.
HERE IS MY THEORY: sperm is water based. If you release your egg into an ascending moon then you would almost certainly have a greater chance of concieving as the moon cycle is naturally pulling the sperm upwards towards the egg. If as i mentioned you are healthy but struggling to concieve then it will probably be that you are releasing you egg into an ascending moon and therfore fighting the laws of gravity and often resulting in a failure.
a lunar cycle is 29.53 days, a menstural cycle is 28 days ish ? though often a menstural cycle dates vary between 25/34 days ... i'm guessing that with the inconsistancies of the menstural cycle that it could often take 6 to eight months for the ascending cycle and the menstural cycle to come into line. In days past you used to be able to get the Day after pill which brought you period on. this, in my opinion would be a good way of testing my theory by bring the cycles into line and trying again.
My partner had an endometriotic cyst removed last year, earlier this year she found out that she had endometriosis and polycystic ovaries again, and i was also told i have a low sperm count ... when we were seeing the specialist he noted that my partner was about to release an egg - i noted that it was a full moon so therefore an ascending moon - hey presto on our first attempt we were blessed with conception. 16 days ago we gave birth to two beautiful girls :) ... i study financial cycles related to the moon and i grow vegetables - my friends partner is a medical scientist and reckons that i am probably right. If i am wrong and give false hope i am sorry but i do believe that this will increase your chances .. and being a new father I feel i should share it. have a nice day.
by moontrader 10th Nov 2009, 1:11pm
by ShareenElliisBabyx 8th Jun 2009, 9:42am
i hope i can find something on here to help me i ave been trrying for 3 yrs now and nothing
by kellyg 17th Feb 2009, 9:45am