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Your maternity rights

Useful advice on your legal maternity rights, with information on your right to maternity pay and materntiy leave
When you read about your maternity rights the following points should be taken into consideration:
  • The same maternity rights apply whether you work full time or part time.
  • Maternity rights apply to mothers who have a premature baby, a live birth or a stillborn baby from 24 weeks onwards.
  • You have the same maternity rights whether you are an employee with a permanent contract, a fixed term contract or a temporary contract. You may also get maternity pay if you do casual work.
  • If you are self-employed or do agency work you do not have the right to maternity leave, but you may still get maternity pay and have other rights.
The information contained within the website states your legal minimum rights, your employer may give better rights so you should always check your contract or ask your union or human resources department. Your employer cannot give you worse rights than your legal minimum rights as this would be against the law.

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Nickynest1978........... hi my name is emma... i had the same problem as yourself when i had my 1st i had her at 31weeks then when she was 4months old i fell pregnant again because my first was early medically when i was due to go back to work i was already 28 weeks so wasnt aloud..... withg my 1st i got 124.00 a week and with my 2nd as i didnt return to work i only get 95.87 a week hope this helps x
by littlechicken2011 18th Mar 2011, 4:55pm
No one can answer my question not even citizens advice! Please can someone help, someone must know the answer?
I have been on maternity and was due to return to work on 8th Feb after taking my accrued annual leave, however I am now 33 weeks pregnant with my second child. I informed them that I was pregnant again at 20 weeks and agreed to start my maternity again without returning to work. (I am over 29 weeks, therefore could do this).
I need to know if I am entitled to 6 weeks at 90% as I have been continuously employed or will I receive the statutory £123.06? And will I receive it for the whole 39 weeks??
I only receive statutory maternity pay with my first child as this is all my contract allows. I am a registered manager of a care home and worked 40 hours per week prior to my first child.
Know one seems to know the answer, but surely I'm not the only person to have two children close together??!! If anyone could advise me or point me in the right direction who could answer me I would be most grateful.
by Nickynest1978 28th Feb 2011, 9:10am
I might have the right to maternity leave, but I will not get paid for that period. So much for the right.
by Leonore 11th Nov 2010, 10:15am
I came back to work on the 9th august 2010 from maternity leave and I have just found out that I am pregnant again (15 weeks) . I have not told my boss yet as I am worry that they will sack me. what is my legal position
by dd30 2nd Sep 2010, 12:17pm
i am 16 and 23 weeks pregnant. i am looking for somewhere to live. i would like to know what financial help i can get at this stage of my pregnancy, when i can start claiming benifits, and what financial help i can get to help with housing costs?
by dannielled93 24th Aug 2010, 9:32am
is it common to lose your memory when pregnant?
by abigaba 12th Aug 2010, 10:08am
I have recently found out I am pregnant, I've worked as a full time lifeguard for just over 3months but with no contract. When speaking to my employer they said they could not honor me a full time contract due to not working the role for long enough. I've worked with this company for nearly 6years. I do have a contract for part time hours which they are now working from which is only 18hrs instead of 40hrs. I am really worried about this and I'm not to sure what rights I have. My boyfriend and I are buying a house aswell and Im so worried about money. Can someone give me any advice please?
by Heatha88 23rd Nov 2009, 10:17am
I am in early stages of pregnancy and very worried due to having an extremely physical job! I have been pregnant in my current job 2 years ago but sadly had a miscarrige so really dont want that to happen again! Am i entitled to refuse to do a job that i think could potentially harm my baby?
by dizzygirl 24th Aug 2009, 9:13am
how long do u have to be at work befor u can fall pregnant again!
by sis1987 23rd Jul 2009, 9:08am
I have had a very bad back so far and my doctor has refered me to a physio, i was wondering if my employer should still pay for me to be out ?
by lesley14 14th Apr 2009, 12:45pm
Hi, I want to try for a baby..but my contract at work is a fixed term contract. I am aware that if I do fall pregnant, and go on mat leave, i am entitled to the 9 months of pay...what i really want to know is if i do fall pregnant and go on mat leave AFTER my fixed term contract is over, will i still be entitled to anything?
by fstar 19th Feb 2009, 10:15am
i am currently on maternity leave and the last few months i have bin taxed and nat ins on my wages is this correct
by people 29th Jan 2009, 8:52am
i am 6 weeks pregnant and only work 13 hours as i dont work enough to pay tax what would i be able to claim as i dont think i can get maternity pay
by swamp 8th Jan 2009, 5:42pm
I told my manager at work that i was pregnant. He then told other employees after i asked to keep my medical information quiet. Can he do this?
by sassycat 7th Jan 2009, 8:51am
i 've been working in a care home as a care assistant since 14th jan o8 and now i'm 30 weeks baby due is on 05-03-09 and i started my maternity leave when i was 29 weeks pregnant.i'm not sure about getting my maternity pay because my employer didn'y pay much attention about my pregnancy.during my pregnancy i got sick and could't go to work about 2 weeks till my maternity leave.but before i worked more hours and whenever my employer wanted me i have the right for my maternity rights and pays.ifso what kind of maternity pay will i get?
by 21170163 5th Jan 2009, 9:20am
I began working for my employer early September this year only to find out a few weeks later that i was in fact pregnant. I am now nearly 5 months but have been off sick with severe back and pelvic problems the last month. The employer agreed to pay me SSP for this time which is covered by a doctors certificate. Now I am waiting to see a specialist which will tell me if I can return to work whilst still pregnant. I am worried as i do not know if this effects my maternity pay from them. I would have been entitled as I was planning to continue work & start my my leave mid March. Will I get my mat pay even if I am cartified unfit to work until the baby is born??? If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.
by AKGB 11th Nov 2008, 9:50am
When should a risk assessment at work be conducted? I am 13 weeks pregnant, and i told my manager about my pregnancy when i was 7 weeks pregnant, and nothing has been done yet at work, i have a very physical job. I asked yesterday and my manager told me hopefully one will be done not next week but the week after. Is this acceptable? Im very worried.
by stefxx 20th Oct 2008, 10:53am
im nealy 30wweks pregnant and have been wrking since november last year i am currently on sick with sciatica and was a care assistant i dontt no if work wil pay me maternity but i dont want to return there afta my baby is born due to my back n long hours but i can not afford to leave i realy dont no wot to do can u help me on the best way and advice please
by tee10 4th Sep 2008, 8:45am
can i get maternity pay if im working 13 hours a week and worked there for about 3 months?
by jemmao1 26th Aug 2008, 9:58am
im 36 weeks pregnant and 16 years old... connextions hav told me i cant claim benifits if i leave college.. theyve told me i cant leave until 2 weeks before im due or i wont recieve my beinfits, is this right?
by Rachelvee 5th Feb 2008, 9:17am