Preparation for labour

Advice on preparing yourself emotionally and physically for labour and child birth with advice on planning, support and preparations you can make.
Whether you are expecting your first baby or your tenth the thought of labour and giving birth can be daunting. Even if you have given birth several times there is still the element of the unknown. However remember our bodies are designed to give birth and women have been giving birth for centuries.

You can help to prepare for labour and birth by reading books or magazines. Depending on your preference it may help to focus on the positive aspects or it may be important for you to be aware of potential complications and to face your fears head on.

It is worth researching different types of childbirth classes and taking a class with your partner. You may prefer a hospital antenatal class or to join an NCT class. This will involve your partner and make him feel more a part of the process.

It can help to join e-mail lists or contribute to a message board. Talking things through with other mums may also help.

Decide where you would feel more comfortable to give birth, either in a hospital or at home. Try also to find ways to relax. What might help you?

Prepare yourself by getting your hospital bag ready or preparing for a home birth may help you feel more in control.

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Im going to be a first time mum at 18yrs old. Im due 26th april 2010, ive been having pains like at the bottom of my bump, usually worse at night and to be honest im not scared about giving birth, im more worried about not knowing when its going to happen :(
Wish things would hurry up now, cant sleep at night and its not going to get any easier once shes here i know =[ i want to meet our daughter now and im really fed up but then i only want her here for selfish reasons lol dont want her to come out now and be poorly
by KimberleyJo91 14th May 2010, 4:58pm
I'm also going to be a first time mum, ages away yet - August 2010 but already I am starting to worry about the labour. Can anyone tell me honestly how bad the pain is? I think I have a fairly high pain threshold, don't take medication for aches and pains very often - preferring to "work through it" but I just have no frame of reference for how hard this is goign to be!
by Eljay 24th Dec 2009, 9:23am
i'm a first time mum 19 years old , due on 25th of april 2010 i fine it very scary and i'm worried i can't have my baby naturaly because my mother had all her children threw cesarean. does that mean there is a chance that i would be the same ?.
by kinda 20th Nov 2009, 9:26am
I am a first time mom and my baby is due on 25 July 2009. I intend to work until my last week and will have to wait for atleast 8 days before the due date. Is this advisable?
by 3031 20th Mar 2009, 9:12am