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Jack and Olivia top baby names for 2008

The most popular baby names of 2008 have been revealed.
Jack and Olivia proved to be the most popular choice of names for boy and girl babies respectively in 2008, according to a new poll.

Oliver, Harry, Charlie and Alfie followed in the poll of boys' names, while other popular girls' names were Ruby, Grace, Emily and Jessica.

Jack has been the top choice for boy babies for 14 years, since it took over from Thomas, which was pushed into sixth place in 2008, the list compiled by Bounty revealed.

Isla was the biggest mover in the list, which climbed from 58th to 35th place, while Summer also climbed 28 places from 44th to 16th.

The influence of celebrity culture was clear regarding some names. Ava - the name of Myleene Klass' and Reese Witherspoon's daughters - leapt 15 places to 19th position, while Theo, likely to have been inspired by England's teenage football hero Theo Walcott, climbed from 70th to 58th position.

Biblical names such as Samuel and Matthew also remain popular for boys, according to the survey.

Faye Mingo of Bounty said: "Parents are continuing to be creative and inspirational about the names they choose for their children.

"Boys' names have witnessed the biggest changes over the last decade as parents are increasingly influenced by American culture and celebrity trends."

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