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Interactive and talking books

Advice on the devlelopment benefits of reading interactive and talking books to your baby..
The benefits of reading to your baby are numerous as even before they can speak for themselves, or even understand the words you are saying to them, being read to exposes them to the patterns and intonations used in speech and helps to form the basis of later language development. Reading to your baby also provides you with the opportunity to spend time bonding and helps your baby develop the length of their attention span.

Interactive and talking books build on the level of stimulation regular books provide for your baby. Their aim initially is not to teach baby to read as this is far beyond the developmental capacity of a young infant and will not be a realistic goal until your child is 3/4 at the earliest. Instead interactive books stimulate your baby's visual and hand-eye coordination as well as their ability to make cause and effect associations. Talking books and those that make noises will also help to stimulate your baby's understanding of speech sounds and their ability to identify where a noise is coming from.

The more direct stimulation your baby receives, the better equipped they will be to master new skills and grasp new concepts as they grow. Therefore interactive and talking books provide a fantastic way to you to stimulate your baby's development whilst having fun.

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