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Implantation bleeding - all you need to know

Your questions about implantation bleeding answered
What is implantation bleeding?

Implantation bleeding occurs when a fertilised egg attaches itself to the wall of the womb.

During implantation the tissue surrounding the fertilised egg burrows into the endometrium (the lining of the uterus), forming links with the mother's blood supply and body tissue that will gradually develop into the baby's lifeline for the next 9 months, the placenta. It is during the attachment process that a small amount of blood may be released.

What does implantation bleeding look like?

Most women report experiencing implantation bleeding as light spotting that's either light pink or brown in colour. Unlike menstruation it tends only to appear over a period of one - three days and is usually intermittent rather than a regular flow that becomes heavier over time.

When does it occur?

Implantation bleeding tends to occur before menstruation is expected, this is usually between six and twelve days after ovulation. Most women experience menstruation approximately 14 days after ovulation however this will depend on your individual cycle.

How common is implantation bleeding?

Contrary to popular belief, not all women experience implantation bleeding. In fact, it's thought that only a third of women experience this phenomenon. However, because of the similarity of implantation bleeding to the early stages of menstruation it is possible that some women simply miss its occurrence. That said, if you're trying for a baby it is also very easy to misread menstrual spotting as implantation bleeding. For this reason, while early spotting can be an indicator of pregnancy it's always best to wait to test until after the date your period was due.

How to spot implantation bleeding

While there is no way of being 100% sure whether spotting is an implantation bleed until you have missed a period there are a couple of useful indicators that can help you check.
  • Appearance - Implantation bleeding tends to be a lighter pink/brown colour rather than the dark red that's usual for menstrual blood.

  • Timing - If you conceive you will experience implantation bleeding before your period is due, usually around 9 days after you ovulate.

  • Duration - Implantation bleeding tends only to last for a day or two and occurs intermittently.

  • Heaviness - Unlike the progressively heavy flow of a menstrual period, implantation bleeding tends only to occur as light spotting or coloured discharge.
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Okay so I need some answers!! I got off of my birth control and my periods returned to normal everything on 11/17/13-11/23/13. Well my serious boyfriend and I have been having sexual intercourse without protection randomly. I am supposed to start my period again this month on the 17th but for the past few days 12/08-12/09 (pretty close to a week before my expected period) i have started having this random brown spotting showing up on my toilet paper and panties randomly???????

HELP? Ladies :)

P.S. This spotting is not normal for me before my periods. Usually i just have a full blown period.
by Brandy1229 24th Dec 2013, 10:26am
I had my period the 21st of February. Had some spotting for maybe 30 secs on the 5th of march started period but it was very light and slow flow which laster til the 23rd which is normal for me except I'm a very heavy bleeder. And then today is thr 24 th I've spotted twice today
by hisstarfir3 20th Jun 2013, 3:44pm
pls i want to 2months and 12days no period.i did a lot of pregnancy test at home it came negative,so i did ultrasounds my ob ses that my uterus emty,i feel so sad becouse i wanna be pregnant,week ago i did blood test it came negative.and now i have spot blood dark brown but its just 2days and always tired ang i have back pain but no voumiting...pls help if anyone like my situation
by gracebesas 20th Jun 2013, 3:43pm
you will become a mother in Jesus name, amen. just tell it to God in prayer,there is nothing too hard for God to do keep hoping and believing never give up. it is well.
by jennymosh 20th Jun 2013, 3:12pm
Sorry if this is long but I need some advise. My last period was April 15th which means my next period isn't due until May 13 which is 10 days away. Last night at 11pm i noticed that I had some bleeding or spotting whatever you want to call it after i went to the restroom. There was nothing in the toilet but when I wiped it was a dark brownish color and then I noticed that I had the same dark brownish color in my panty as well so i put on a pad cuz my friend told me it was probably my period or something, then I checked it at 12am today and there was dark brownish in it, not a lot, just enough to be noticed. Now it's 12:47am and I checked again to see if the dark brown stuff gotten worse but it hasn't, it's the same amount. i read everyone else's posts. Could this really be my period or could it actually be implantation bleeding?
by spidercrys 20th Jun 2013, 3:12pm
I would like to become a mother but and I can not get pregnant.I got pregnant before and my stomach was getting big but the doctor told me that it was just a clot. I did a sonogram in the hospital but they could not find it. I was tested with one doctor and he said that if I was to get pregnant I would have to use someone else's eggs. I feel one day it may happen, but what ever hope I had I do not dwell on it any more. Can you give me advise on this situation.
by JoJo71 8th Feb 2012, 9:23am
Thank u
by Mgbeojikwe 30th Nov 2011, 9:29am
I need some help. Me and my husband have had unprotected sex for about a year now. We are not trying for a baby but just kinda seeing what happens sort of thing so we are not preventing it either. Well 2 weeks ago I had my period and it was not exactly a normal one it was pretty light but lasted the regular 5-6 days but now (2 weeks later) I am having very light bleeding and I am wondering if that is implantation bleeding
by sinatrafan405 4th May 2011, 9:07am
Hi, I would love for someone to help me out on this-
Well I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the 7th of april and I have been having sex with him quite a lot these past couple of weeks.
So- about exactly 1week ago I woke up with the tiniest spot of blood on my sheets and some on my knickers.
I thought nothing of it, and waited for my period to come. My period was due on the 24th of this month and I started to get very mild cramps on the 23rd.
I had cramps for a couple of hours then they went. I had very light bleeding for a day then the next day it was light then towards the day it got very heavy. I had this for less than a day and now I have nothing- when I wiped I had light pink and its just dissapeared what could this mean? Implantation blood or not?
Thank you- Chloe x
by sugar5555 27th Apr 2011, 11:12am
To 1970 not to get your hopes up but it is a possibility,but when I had my first I was 6 weeks pregnant and got a negative blood test and 3 weeks later got a positive urine. As a urine can give you a false negative so can a blood even though it is rare it can happen. My OB was shocked when she did the ultrasound to see I was 10 weeks.
by lovinbeinmom 25th Mar 2011, 2:16pm
TO 24680000,

Exactly the same thing happened to me I stopped taking Marvelon the beginning of feb had my period when i stopped taking it then 2 weeks later and then again 2 weeks after that but it seems to have sorted it self out now, when I spoke to my doctor he said its completely normal its just hormones balancing out. Hoping i'm pregnant now! Good luck!
by Joanne301010 22nd Mar 2011, 3:23pm
To Ceri, I think you might have had a chemical pregnancy. When a positive test turns negative, the pregnancy is no longer viable and would flow out of the body. Your body will in time stop having the pregnancy symptoms. But still go to your Dr. and confirm. Good luck hon.
by onyie 15th Mar 2011, 5:27pm
Just wondered if anyone could help me pls! 3 days ago I had got to faint postive pregnacy tests! And the day after I tested agen and was neg! I then came on my period! But it light! I have all the pregnacy simptoms! And I'm not due if its implantation or if its my normal period its very light! And I'm very blated! And feeling very tired! Sick!!! Advise pls on what should I do!!!!!
by ceri12 14th Mar 2011, 8:52am
by Danielsmummy0106 11th Mar 2011, 5:14pm
Hi there.
I left the pill a month ago, i started my period two weeks after that and then i started bleeding again two weeks later. Is that normal, we are trying to conceive and it doesn't make it easy to know when i should ovulate. Can someone please help me... Its our first time trying for a baby.
by 24680000 11th Mar 2011, 5:14pm
I had implantation bleeding on feb 26, took a home pregnancy test on feb 27, it had a very light line (maybe an evaporation line), the bleeding only lasted one day, feb 28 took blood pregnancy test, negative. What happened and why did I have implantation bleeding?
by 1970 1st Mar 2011, 5:01pm
hi everyone, pretty confused here.
my cycles are bang on 28 days, i had my period as normal (5 days everytime) i came off on the 6th of this month. then exactly a week later (13th) i had a 3 day period, started off with pink discharge, then into a very very light flow.. tes came back negative.. just noticed now, i have pink discharge again 2 weeks later.. im due on, on the 1st of march i think.. any ideas?
by Charlotte34 28th Feb 2011, 9:09am
Hi, can anyone help me please with some advice. I am trying to have a baby for the first time. I have been trying with my husband for two cycles now. my cycles are usually between 5 and 6 weeks long. at the end of my last cycle, i started my period on time and was not pregnant, but my period was shorter than normal. normally it is quite heavy and lasts 5-7 days. the last period lasted only two days then stopped for one day, then lasted another two days. anyway, then i went another five weeks as normal without bleeding, and started to get hopeful that i was pregnant, but then yesterday i seemed to start my period. it was due, and i got some pain and cramps as normal, but all day yesterday there was only a tiny amount of blood, dark brown in colour, and the same today. What is happening? I have no stress or illness in my life now and haven't lost or gained weight so what's wrong with my period? could i be pregnant?
by worriedhayden 11th Feb 2011, 5:31pm
Hi! I to am confused about what's going on with my body. I have PCOS and I have been treating my infertility with Clomid. Well I started my provera back in November around the beginning and started my PD a week before thanksgiving and then took my clomid 5 days later. waiting waiting waiting.... NO PD! I was supposed to start around dec 22ish. I never did. The past couple of days have been very strange. I have been getting faint discharge or very light blood. Its intermittent. Not constant. Every once in awhile I will notice it. I think its been since maybe Saturday. As of today I have not seen anything but I am quite sure its IB. The only PG symptoms I have been getting is fatigue. My normal routine to the gym has pretty much stopped because I have been to sleepy to go. My husband has been driving me to work because I am so tired. ANYBODY???
by mrsadams14 17th Jan 2011, 2:58pm
Hi everyone, I'm a bit confused with what's been going on with my cycles....
I already have a two year old so I know what all the preg symptoms are and I have them again, except I keep having negative hpt, i've tested in the morning and still neg. When i think back to Dec 2010 my Monthly cycle wasn't like it usually is so its making me think that it could have been implantation bleeding, my period isn't due now until the 9th Jan. In nov 2010 I had a chemical miscarriage and before my daughter I had a miscarriage, HELP........any info
by avasmum 7th Jan 2011, 8:57am
@1991Biggett i have pcos and have been trying to get pregnant for the past 4 months but had no joy i have also had miscarriages and suffer with depression from this illness it is easy to keep under control but you cant get rid of it and it can be very painful at times as well.
by karrieludditt 5th Jan 2011, 9:20am
For the past three days I have had some minimal vaginal bleeding with a small and i mean small amount of tissue along with frequent trips to the bathroom and some pretty awful cramps, it started 12 days before my expected period . This has never happened and quite frankly has my husband and I freaked out, we don't exactly use a safe birth control method(the pull out method) and we don't know if this is normal, a miscarriage or implantation bleeding. Any thoughts or input would help out a lot
by lilmrs 15th Nov 2010, 8:54am
Hi, I have regular periods however I am 15 days late. I took 3 home pregnancy tests, the first 2 had definite positive results the second had 1 thick line and 1 faint line. I have started to spot lightly. Not sure if I am pregnant and this is implantation bleeding or if my period is coming. I am 45 years old, I would be delighted if these tests are correct. Any advise.
by sorcha23 10th Nov 2010, 2:03pm
Hi, i have a question regarding if i could be not so my last period was Oct 10,2010, i started to ovulate around the 22nd and i had unprotected sex with my husband on the 21st..... On the 3rd of November I woke up in the middle of the night to go pee and when I wiped the first time, a stretchy see through discharge with lil brown specs was in it on my toilet paper, then my second wipe had a very tiny and faint pinkish spot, (very small)...since then...nothing... my periods are 30 days so I am suppose to start on the 9th, the last test i took was the 4th at night and i got a negative, I am having cramps like pms, but i never had "spotting" a week before my period began..sooo im confused if this is period cramps or implantation, my boobs are just a tad sore, I do pee a lil more since then, but only at night, and i have adomanal cramps...(mild)... I also get was very constipated around the time the "spotting" occurred which made me have really really bad cramps for two nights, where as I couldn't a few days later , im still a lil constipated but when i do go, its not solid...sorry for the descriptive details, im just trying to be blunt...I know i should wait till the 9th to take the test, but i need more opinions... can I be pregnant? again, im having cramps like i will have my period , im just not sure if it is... ......

***also , since the "spotting" i been randomly sneezing, and have had on again and off again headaches...
by lmml 8th Nov 2010, 11:22am
Hello, I'm new to this, me and my partner are trying for a baby i have have 3 different types of contraception, I have had the implant I had that for 3 years so its run out now but still in my arm, know it sounds silly but am scared of having it out, then I had 2 shots of the depo injection turns out I had a reaction to it so then it left microgynon 30, i finished my pill on the 7th came on period on the 10th oct, so we only been trying under a month but i have had signs of pregnany like mettallic taste in mouth, my breasts have been tender and i have been really tired, yesterday i had some sharp pains then a few hours later i started to bleed but its quiet light the weird thing is im not due on till next week or do i think i am not due on till next week due to me stopping my pill, i have read all about implantation bleeding but my blood is red not brown or pink so i dont think its that, can anyone gave me some advice or has anyone had the same sort of thing, sorry if it sounds silly xx
by louise12 1st Nov 2010, 2:48pm
Hi, I wondered if I could get some advice, I have recently been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, for the first time I came on my period for the first time in 6 months on the 26th sep.
I have just experienced slight brown/pink marks after I wipe after using the toilet for the past 3 days. It's not even heavy enough to wear a tampon etc. I have also been having stomach cramps really low down.
Any suggestions what it could be, I have taken a pregnancy test (clearblue) and it came up negative. Is it possible I could be pregnant still. Thanks x
by 1991Biggett 27th Oct 2010, 3:43pm
hi my husband and i have been ttc for the past few months, i had a hsg test done in june and i am a little confused about implantation bleeding and spotting and breakthru bleeding. i had this pink/brown discharge last night that was 10/16/10 and then again this afternoon 10/17/10 it is only like every couple of hours more or less. could someone please help me understand if this is implantation bleeding. Thank you in advance to anyone who responds.
by bwalls 18th Oct 2010, 10:22am
our surrogate came on her period on the 3rd and finished on the 6th we did insems on the 18th of last month,she took preg test last night and it showed one strong line and one faint line what does this mean
by babybass 11th Oct 2010, 9:06am
To ami31. Be assured. I went through the same as you so you are not alone. I too persuaded a nurse to give me a blood test but to no avail. Although i did not have my period for two months in a row until after 40 days each time!! And i had previously been on a 28 day cycle!! It turns out that because i was hoping to be pregnant so much that because i could not stop thinking about it i actually caused my body to delay my period.
Unfortunately, from recent experience i have also learned that all pregnancy tests, that i have taken, are accurate, which has meant i was not pregnant.
Please relax and try to stop thinking about it and try to have some fun with your husband from days 7 to 21. Good luck.
by V2010 4th Oct 2010, 11:11am
My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant.I know exactly when I ovulate. I took 3 different pregnancy tests and I did them correctly and read them correctly. Now I am spotting and have cramps and back aches.I took another test and it says negitive.My periods are every 26 days like clock work.My period is due on the 12th.I am so confused and heart broken.We made an appointment to get a blood test done. Please can someone tell me what is going on? Could I be pregnant or do I have the worst luck in the world?
by ami31 7th Sep 2010, 8:57am
hi, i am very confused. i had my last period on the 9th july i am only on for four days and i am never late then when i was due on in aug i was 4 days late but then on the 4th day i came on it was my period but then a couple of days after i had light bleeding like red and brown as implantation. i took a test it was postive so i went to doctors they did one postive so i seen the midwife she said it would make me 3 weeks but when i look whats happing to the baby at 3 weeks it says sprem fertlizing the egg but i thought you would find out if u were pergnant after that as happend as i found out a week befor so could they be wrong or not and i am bleeding at 4 weeks now its just like a period with out the pains
by claire92 7th Sep 2010, 8:56am
to know exactly when u r ovulating u need to look back on your cycle and see if your cycle is 28, days or 32 days etc... to help me i logged onto a site called baby hope and took the free ovulation test... its a great help if your trying to conceive but it may also help u to find out if there was any chance of u becoming pregnant around the time u had sexual intercourse. I would also like to say that i have 3 boys and all their pregnancys were different, in fact i was 9 wks preg on my 1st child b4 i passed a test whereas on my other 2 boys i knew alot earlier .... if your not sure go to your doctor where they can do either a blood test or a urine test to tell u. hope this helps
by singlehunny1 1st Sep 2010, 10:09am
Hi, I am very confused. I had my last period July 24th and me and my guy had sex on jul.30th 3 times and he did come fast so he pulled out I know I'm dumb. But anyways so being that a few weeks after I'm due for my next period which is Aug.23rd. BUT on sat.21 I had really weired cramping I'm not sure if its my period the first time I went to the br. I see like a light pink and dark discharge and then another time clear water discharge like, so every time I wiped there was light blood on the tissue now todday I wake up to a puddle of blood and tissue minor cramps. But I couldnnt go to sleep bc my pain was so diff. And bad I know when I have my period but this is so diff. I always eat a lot tired. My boobs are very full big and hurt as well I'm so confused did I implant 2 days before my due period so confused !!! Please help!!!
by Cere 23rd Aug 2010, 10:28am
Hey im new to this but i would really like your opinion, I was due my period on the 4th august but still no signs, Ive had some really dark brown discharge for a day last week and i've noticed that im alot hotter much quicker and i've got alot of lower back pain and i seem to be getting very tired easily, and peeing for Britian But im too worried about doing a test cos i keep getting dissapointed with negative results, i really want your opinions with this do you think these are symptoms or just me??
by kimmylea2001 16th Aug 2010, 5:14pm
I'm a little confused!! When I went to loo on the first day I had pink slimy with little brown on the tissue and I thought it was my period (didn't think of how strange it is pink and slimy)also was a day early than i expected it! anyway it stopped after 2 days (well it did bleed a little but not much) but after day and today I started bleeding again but deep red but with brown and does this mean I am ok or I should get a test??
by Kirbyland1986 12th Aug 2010, 11:00am
Hi everyone, I need some advise im 19 and i've already got a 1 year old! Me n my partner are trying for another baby weve been trying for bout 8 months nw! My periods can be beetween 28-30 days but dis month I started like bleeding on the 19th of july and it was very very light nothink like my normal periods, it only lasted 2 days if that and I also had brownish blood! Is it implantation bleeding or nt I feel proper pregnant but i've dne a test it was neg! Help me plz :-)
by Beckyboo789 12th Aug 2010, 10:55am
hi, i am 24 my last period was 10th July my next period should be on the 8th August for 3 days now 29. 30& 31 of July I am spotting brownish pink blood when i wipe. could it be implantation bleeding
by mariamshalaby 12th Aug 2010, 10:52am
i just got that i am due on 3july but i have a pop up on my pc which when i put my ovalation dates says i am due on tomorrow 2july went to the bathroom and when i wiped pink,brown really small on tissuie so i am not sure if implantion or period coming i will keep you posted
by lillian75 12th Aug 2010, 10:08am
hi everyone i thought i would share my views,i have 3 childern 2boys,1girl with my daughter no cramps no bleeding,nothing i was late for my period and did i test pregant,my first son 4days late didnt think i was pregant but i was very forgetful so my sister said your pregant went to get me a test she was right i was,then about week later a had bleeding it was pink and brown colour i thought i was have a miscarrige lasted about 30mins phoned doctor he said that it sounded like LATE implantion bleeding and told me to do another pregany test which i did and it said pregant and he told me to rest and come to see him tomorrow buy then i was ok everything turned out ok went om to have my son full term you is 12 now! and i never had sickness,nothing with him,my last son who is two now never knew i was pregant not trying for another one period never turned up was having cramps for 2weeks told doctor something is wrong but pregancy test were negavite doctor said you cant be pregant then ther no point doing blooodtest as cheap test were not picking up hcg,then 12days later still cramping went to hospital the doctor did test nothing he advised me to do another test on day 14th i waited tested pregant i couldnt belive it tested for rest of week to b e surr told doctor he gave me appioment for vaginal scan to check every i lay there the nurse said she could see anything in the womb ask me to come back 5days time to do another scan did a pregant test it said pregant she said that she thought that the fetus had not inplanted yet when i went back i was scared want they would find i lay there nervous 2mins later there your baby it was there it just takes longer in my cause to implant they said that everyone is different it took over 14days to show on pregancy test,i was cramping all through intill 12weeks,had car sickness,could not be around anybody smoking,smell everything,had him at full time,so cramping and late implantion is possible
by llillie75 12th Aug 2010, 10:07am
I was breaking my head two weeks ago when I had implantation bleeding. I was searching for information on the net and was still not sure. I need to write this for other women who had implantation bleeding and is not sure what it is.

I've been trying to conceive for the past 6 months for our second child. 10 days before my period was due to start I had mild cramping and low back pain. This lasted for about a day and I noticed that I was bleeding. The bleeding was very watery and bright red (like fresh blood), but it wasnt too much. I would say about a 50 pence size on my pants (sorry if too much info). I thought it was my period, but it was only that one instance, later that day I had no bleeding. The mild cramping and low back pain lasted for another 48 hours. Two days before my period I did a hpt and there was a faint positive. I did one the day I missed my period and I got a fat positive. I'm just about 4 weeks pregnant now. So yes, there is such a thing called implantation bleeding.
by harshi 12th Aug 2010, 9:11am
hi everyone ,im hardly what u would call new to this as i have had 6 children (sadly 1 at 24 wks,passed away at 17 days)i have never had implantation bleeds (that ive noticed)i came off the pill at the beggining if april my last period was on 3rd of may my next was due yesterday 31st may but i have only had really light pinky coloured staining when i wipe ,is it possible to get implantation bleeding the same time your period is due ???my periods have always been straight forward red,ive had tender boobs and nipples for about a week now and normally i have cramps at least a week before i get my period but had none this time ,any advice is greatly appreciated ,thanks guys xxxx
by lms 11th Jun 2010, 5:32pm
i'm 25 yrs of age last month (April) i had wat i thought it's an implantation bleeding, now my period it's 2 week's late still negative pregnacy test, can sumbody help me i dont knw wats happening to me *crying*
by Letlotlodp 21st May 2010, 4:12pm
I have been feeling sick and very warm in bed at night and i am tired all the time. My period is due in 11days and is ALWAYS regular to the exact day but 2days ago i started to have a brown coloured discharge in my underwear.. am i pregnant??
by confusedcarolyn 21st May 2010, 3:58pm
I messed up my pill this month, and I think my period came a week early. But reading online i am not sure if it is a period or implantation bleeding. My finace and I are getting married next week and would like to try for children soon any way, however I just wanted some advice. Not to give TMI the period(?) is light pink, and brown bit stringly not like my usual periods at all. It started with spots on Friday evening but got heavier but still not like I usually have. Any thoughts would be great? My period is due this thursday - will it come?
by Tbear 18th May 2010, 5:38pm
Hi all, wondered if i could have some advice? I am pretty sure i expierenced implantation bleeding as had pinkish brownish spotting, extremely light, also had some cramping and i'm bloated. Is it possible to get this 2 weeks before your period though cause i only ever read about people that get it a week before they are due. Has anyone else had it this early?
by LLC84 18th May 2010, 5:37pm
hi guys and gals. the best thing i think i can suggest is wait two weeks and do another test. if you are one of the women who have had repeated neg tests over a period of time, go to your dr and ask for an ultrasound scan. not just for pregnancy, but to make sure everything else is ok. also remember that there are alot of things can affect your period from a change in diet to stress. if you are trying to concieve (like me!) then please please try to stay calm. i know how hard it is, and how every little thing can turn into a sign of pregnancy. but if your are obsessing over it, or getting upset/worried or stressed about not being pregnant, you are less likely to get pregnant, and as i said b4, this could result in an odd period.
do not let your dr fob you off, if you feel something is amiss then it probably IS. you know your body better then anyone and you know wen something is not right. look after yourselves and good luck to those trying or pregnant. STAY CALM AND STRESS FREE. XXX
by katty19 18th May 2010, 4:45pm
Hey y'all..I'm new to this and I'm a little confused as to what's going on..I had a light pinkish discharge for 1 day and then today it was kinda discolored kinda tanish, maybe a little brown..Is that implantation bleeding?? My period isn't due for another week..Please help..My husband's deploying soon and I would like to be able to tell him before he comes home to me plus 1..
by Gingerosity 14th May 2010, 5:30pm
hi after having the implant for 18months i gained quite abit of weight ive had it out now for 9weeks and my periods still havent come back is this normal?
by pinkkitty 14th May 2010, 5:03pm
i am 15 weeks pregnant and have started light bleeding could this be implantation bleeding or am i to far gone for that i have had a scan and all is fine at the moment but i have got to go back on friday for another one if the bleeding has not stopped has any one been through this worried mother to be.x
by ells 14th May 2010, 4:57pm
Hi, I am new to this. Need some advice. To start with, i dont get regular periods. I can go for months at a time and not get a period, and then out of the blue i can get a regular period two months in a row, and before i start my period i have a little bit of spotting. Its not heavy but enough that i have to wear a pantyliner. Ok, now for my concerns and questions. I started spotting a little bit on sunday of last week, which was the 21st, it was light brown in color . Tuesday night when me and my bf were going to bed I noticed that my boobs were a little bigger. So wednesday morning, i took a home pregnancy test (first response). It was my first urine of the day. Well, it came out positive. The line was faint but it was there. Still a little bit of spotting. Took a second one a couple hours later and it came out positive as well (e.p.t.). Went to my doctor and they did a test. They had to test my urine 3 times because the first two were negative. Got home and took another test(e.p.t.) and it came out positive, still it was a faint line. Boobs are really sore, and feeling a little queasy in the morning hours and a little later in the day. Friday afternoon, took another home test (first response) and it was positive. This time the line was darker and very visible. Thing is, that night my spotting became a little heavier and it is a little darker brown color. Boobs are still sore, and im still feeling that queasy feeling in the morning hours and later in the day. I've heard about implantation bleeding, but im wondering if that is what this is. Sorry i wrote so much, but im confused, a little worried and would like some answers. Am I pregnant, or is there a possibility that i might be losing the pregnancy? Any help would be great. Thank you.
by Izbef 14th May 2010, 4:41pm
hi songbird, sorry i cant help but i really
l feel for you and many others. me and my boyfriend have been trying for about a year now every month with yet another negative result i get so upset as i think this month its going to be it.we had a miscarrige in oct so the good thing to come out of that is that we no we can get pregnant i never for a minute thought it was going to be this hard, good luck. x
by donnabarry 11th Feb 2010, 9:18am
Hi i'm new to this... My last period was the 16th of dec 2009 so the last dat of cycle was the 24th, im normally between 30 and 34 days no later!! but to this day i still havent had a period. I have done several test and they are all saying neg? i have been to the docs what a waste of time that is i felt that they werent that interested, easy for them hey. They have told me to do a urnie sample for them to test??? which im sure will be neg as arent all test pretty much the same? Anyway last nite i went toilet and when i wiped i had a small amount of light pinkish blood on the tissues??? not like a period at all. havent had to wear a towel nothing in pjs this morning and then went to the toilet and the same again.??? what could this be. My body feels all over the place at the mo, me and my husband have been trying since our wedding june 2009, it so disheartning when every month you think yes i may be and then a full blown period so no. but this time im over two weeks late but im getting neg test. The crazy thing is everybody says ive been thinking about it too much and in january i went with a diff scope and look still no news. I never thought to get two lines on a test would be so hard???
by songbird 10th Feb 2010, 5:03am
Hey im 24 and for the past 6 weeks ive been bleeding from my vagina its really bad at times, its brown spotting and i went to the doctors before xmas they said it was nothing to worry about that it will clear. It still hasnt cleared and im worrying has anyone else had these problems. Could i be pregrant?
Im going to the doctors tomorrow see if i can get anymore answers.
by CV24 3rd Feb 2010, 9:50am
Hi im just knew here today and im 27.. and i was wondering if someone would b able ta give me some advise.. im 8days ovr my ovulation and started ta bleed yesterday but it was light pink spotting and today when i woke up from bed it was like a heavy bleed which was red and stil little heavy.. Could someone please tell me if it could b implantation bleeding as i aint due my period till another 2 weeks ... thx u all .. i would appericate it xx
by ewekanic 1st Feb 2010, 9:21am
Hi all, I am new to this website. I am 36 and was TTC for only two months. I experienced a blood stained discharge last friday 6 days ago and then 3 days ago my boobs were really hurting and growing and continue to do so, I was exhausted and popping to the loo every half hour, my period is not due till 3 days time but i couldnt wait any longer so i took a hpt and yay it was a very strong positive. I'm Pregnant!! To all those still trying good luck xx
by Penny4 27th Jan 2010, 9:33am
hi, i am new to this website. three nights ago me and my fiance had unprotected sex and i have recently come off the pill ( 2 months ago ). then this morning when got up i went to the toilet and discovered a light pinkish red discharge when i wiped myself, could this possibly be inplantation bleeding or is it too early to be this??? i would appreciate any suggestions or replies xxx thank you xxx
by harmansgirl 18th Jan 2010, 2:42pm
Hello Donnabarry,
I am sorry that I can't help you but I do have the same question as you? I ovulated around the 4th Jan, and thought that implantation was happening yesterday and the day before as I had dark brown spotting and now exactly a week before I am due to have a period i am bleeding rich and red and have had period like cramps. What confuses me is that I am always as regular as clockwork and this has never happened to me before. Not sure if this is still implantation or not as is not meant to be like that? Can anyone help?
by Richiehan 15th Jan 2010, 4:27pm
hi there can anyone help , today i have found mucous with light blood in it ,is this implantation bleeding ?if so could i be pregnant?
by mjhulbert 30th Dec 2009, 10:00am
hi i was pregnant 2yrs ago i had a heavy period lasted 7days next month i found out i was pg i was 8weeks doctor says it was a implantation bleed. my periods always light not to heavy lasted 3 to 4 days so pink an brown spoting not always the case . mine was dark red puple brown . hope this helps
by karenina 28th Oct 2009, 9:08am
HI. i have been sterilised and have only one ovary and falopian tube, i think i may have experienced implantation bleeding and period is not due for 2 weeks, how likely is it that i am pregnant?
by nezri30 13th Oct 2009, 9:10am
by mancane 13th Aug 2009, 6:11pm
Hi I am new to the website. My husband and I are trying for a baby, only been trying a month or so, but the last week have been v confused by my bodily functions!! I started a light bleed last sunday (3 weeks after my period), I am normally a 4 week cycle. I hadn't heard of implantation bleeding before looking on the internet on sunday, so felt quite hopeful, however I am now having what appears to be a normal period?! I usually bleed for about 5 days, starting light, heavy in the middle, then light, but for the first 4 days I was light, not enough for a regular tampon, and now it is quite heavy, and I don't usually bleed for so long! Have done 1 normal pregnancy test and a first response which were negative and I was monitoring my ovulation. Have felt a bit sick and bloated this week and haven;t had the normal sore breasts I get with a period, but then that is a sign of pregnancy....guess I am just looking to see what people think is going on?!
by gem6 10th Aug 2009, 9:34am
my wife has bleeding 4 days before she is suppose to come on do u think shes pregnant
by aaron28 10th Aug 2009, 9:34am
hi i think i may have had implantation bleeding...ive not had a period since april and had negative pregnancy results but think i had implantation bleeding on holiday at the end of june. Ive now been experiencing hopefully early pregnancy symtoms, sore swollen breast, swelling of the abdomen and funny taste in my mouth but took a test this morning - clear blue digital and it was negative please help!
by asking 22nd Jul 2009, 9:48am
i dont keep a very accurate diary of when aunt flo arrives but i bought two packets of tampax at the begining of may and have only used about 10 individuals and cant remember having a period in the entire month of june. the thing is last weekend (4th 5th july) i had a really ligh intermitten bleed that lasted about 2-3days and sounds very simmilar to implantation bleeding and i have felt sick in the morning and the evening and get the occassional headache. I did a test today (first response one) and it was negative. my question is how early into pregnancy does the implantation bleeding occur? also my partner, how shall we put this delicately....leaves the area before the men are evacuated and does not use a condom, i am not on the pill as i want another baby (i have a 3 year old girl). could i still be pregnant and when should i do another test. very anxious and confused.
by disneybaby 13th Jul 2009, 9:14am
so i have been having unprotected sex with my husband for about 3yrs but actually charting my ovulation for 2 months the other day i found mucus with light blood through it i was wondering if this sounds like implantation bleeding?
by waitn2 28th May 2009, 9:22am
So, question for all the mothers out there. I have been googling my brains out trying to get the scoop on implantation bleeding. Yesterday I noticed a light pink spotting (never seen a period or spotting from a period this color in my life, which is what triggered my curiosity) but it was very brief and hasn't occured since. I started my new BC pill pack three days late and had unprotected sex with my boyfriend many times, not knowing it mattered since i took three in one day after that (before reading up on it which i have done above and beyond now). I havent had any cramping or such and feel fine. I did the math and all the timing adds up as to a possibility of implantation bleeding. I'm not supposed to start my period til around the 3rd of June. Does this sound like it could truely be implantation bleeding?
by oopsies488 26th May 2009, 12:44pm
I was a few days late from my period in mid febuary so I bought a pregnancy test. While I was actually doing the test I saw a small amount of blood. As the test turned out negative I thought I must have started my period. However, the very light bleeding stopped after then. Two weeks later I still hadn't got a proper period so I did another test which proved positive, followed by another 2 positive ones. I now know this must have been implantation bleeding. Im currently 16wks pregnant and have sailed through the pregnancy so far. I had no symptoms at all. Apart from like u fifi I had a massive craving for fish around mid febuary and march time. When I finally saw my baby on the scan at 13wks it finally sunk in I was expecting. Id do a test, the implantation bleeding can produce a negative result like it did me. Good luck :) x
by VickyJo21 19th May 2009, 12:21pm
Hi im 23 and have been trying for a babe for about a year, a have irreguar periods, i had my period last months and it last almost 2 weeks, but it was the first one i had for seven months. wow i no, my question i would like to ask is, a couple of days ago i had spotting, very very light pink in colour. its lasted about three days, and since then i have been wondering if i am pregnant, i haven taken a test b coz every time i do its negative, but since the light spotting, i have had food craving, the other day i really fanced fish and chips, so my partner got it for me. and i ate it, the thing is i never eat fish, i hate the taste, but i loved it. so do u think i might have finially got pregnant, as i have never experinced spotting ever!!! many thx fifi 123
by fifi86 12th May 2009, 9:58am
ive had the implant taken out on the 24th april during that i had odd spots of blood and i had all the signs of pregnancy so i got it taken out, scince the 24th i had around 4days off bleeding
*i get really siky feelings
*stomachs getting really hard and getting the baby bump shape.
* feeling really tired
*urinating loads more
but all the tests are coming back negative i just dont know what to think ?

please help !!!! :(
by nicole18 11th May 2009, 11:44am