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How to fake that pregnancy glow

We share the secret of getting a beautiful pregnancy glow out of a bottle!
Theoretically pregnancy is meant to make you glow, its a biological 'fact'. The increased amount of blood that's circulating around your body is meant to give you a beautifully flushed look and as your skin retains more moisture and produces more sebum you're meant to be glowing with a luminous dewy sheen - sound familiar?

Don't worry if not, the combination of nausea, lack of sleep and sensitive skin experienced by many mums-to-be doesn't lend itself well to natural radiance. Thankfully its easy to fake it - we explain how to get that 'movie star' pregnancy glow and only you need know its not real!

Step 1 - The Start

The first place to start is on the inside, drinking 8 - 10 glasses of water a day will do wonders for clearing your skin and helping to flush out water retention too. A good prenatal vitamin combined with a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruit, vegetables and omega rich foods will help too.

Step 2 - The Cleanser

Whether you suffer from dry, normal or oily skin its important to wash your face thoroughly twice a day. Using a gentle exfoliater such as Botanics In Shower Facial Polish will help to remove dead skin cells and improve circulation, banishing dull skin for good.

For best results apply in circular motions with your fingertips and rinse off with lukewarm water. Patting rather than rubbing your face dry can also help prevent blotchy skin and spider veins as you're less likely to break the tiny capillaries that sit just under the surface of your skin.

Step 3 - The Moisturiser

Using a good moisturiser after cleansing is a must for gorgeous glowing skin. Massaging a fragrance free, sensitive moisturiser such as Simple Daily Radiance SPF10 Moisturiser into your face and neck will really help to give your complexion a lift without irritating your skin. If possible it's best to go for a moisturiser that contains an SPF factor to protect your skin against the sun's harmful rays especially as this can also help to reduce the likelihood of chloasma (brown patches) developing.

Step 4 - The Base

Blend a light base such as Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation into your skin with your fingertips. It's specially designed to conceal dark circles and skin imperfections with minimal effort so you needn't spend hours blending for that flawless finish. Tinted moisturisers and foundations containing light reflecting particles are also great for giving that dewy, smooth finish we all wish we had naturally.

Step 5 - The Blush

Recreate that gorgeous flushed look and perk up a grey complexion with a swirl of pink blush on the apples of your cheeks. A slightly shimmery, rosy colour such as L'Oreal Blush Delicieux in Sandalwood Veil is always a good bet as it fakes a really healthy glow in an instant.

Step 6 - The Highlighter

Blending a peach toned highlighter along your cheek and brow bones will really help to lift your look and mimic that pregnancy sheen in seconds. You only need to use a dot of Revlon Skinlights Lotion and you'll be able to recreate that 'slept like a baby look' on the sly.

Step 7 - The Mascara

A sensitive mascara in black/brown will be gentler and more flattering on tired eyes. We love No7 Sensitive Eye Mascara for a natural look and as its fragrance free and hypo-allergenic it's completely compatible with fragile pregnancy skin. Curl your eyelashes first for a really wide awake look.

Step 8 - The Lips

To top off your gorgeously glowy look a sheer lipstick is a must. Go for a shade that's as close to your natural lip colour as possible as this will really help to finish your 'natural' look.
No7 Sheer Temptation Lipstick is our favourite as it looks great and is so low maintenance that you can apply it without a mirror.

So, now you've faked radiant, glowing skin all you need to do is smile and pretend that you feel as gorgeous as you look!

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