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UK's first ever baby 'totcast'

Web chat TV show with advice on feeding babies and toddlers with Mums' Own Advice.
Nutritionist and mum Anne Sidnell joins three mums who have had their favourite baby food recipes brought to the nation's supermarket shelves as Heinz Mums' Own baby and toddler meals.

Helping babies and toddlers enjoy an exciting variety of foods from an early age can be a fun and exciting time and all mums know how important it is to give the right foods for their baby's healthy growth and development. However, knowing what to do can seem confusing with so much choice and everybody seeming to give different advice.

The weaning process especially can be a difficult time for mums desperately trying to find the right foods to feed their little ones, however it can also be rewarding and a great opportunity for mums to bond with their new baby. Knowing what the best choice for baby can be quite intimidating but there is help at hand.

Heinz believes that mums know best when it comes to what works for their baby which is why nutritionist Anne Sidnell works with Mums to create the mum's Own range of meals. The recipes such as Cottage Pie, Caribbean Casserole and Strawberry, Peaches & Cream all contain just baby-friendly ingredients no artificial preservatives, flavours or colours, and are nutritionally balanced to ensure baby gets everything they need for their healthy growth.

Join Anne Sidnell with three of the Mums' Own recipe creators Pat Huggins, Gillian Adamson and Cheryl Nicole online at

Together they will be discussing some of the topics that Anne and the tintytums careline advice on every day such as: Starting to feed solids, making sure your baby has a healthy balanced diet, introducing baby to new flavours and textures and what to do if your baby is a fussy eater.

If you have any questions you would like Anne to answer please email and for more information visit

To be in with a chance of winning a months supply of Heinz baby food, including samples of the Mums' Own baby range click here.

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