Advice on ways to avoid painful hemorrhoids during pregnancy and after the birth of your baby, with information on symptoms, treatment and relief for hemorrhoids..
Hemorrhoids, also known as piles are swollen veins around the back passage which may itch, ache or feel sore. You can usually feel the lumpiness of the piles around the back passage. Piles may also bleed a little and they can make going to the toilet uncomfortable or even painful. They occur in pregnancy because the veins relax under the influence of pregnancy hormones. Piles usually go shortly after delivery, but this is not always the case. If you suffer from piles you should:
  • eat plenty of food that is high in fibre, like wholemeal bread, fruit and vegetables, and you should drink plenty of water, this will prevent constipation, which can make piles worse;
  • avoid standing for long periods;
  • take regular exercise to improve your circulation;
  • sleep with the foot of the bed slightly raised on books or bricks;
  • use an ice pack to ease discomfort, holding this gently against the piles, or use a cloth wrung out in iced water;
  • if the piles stick out, push them gently back inside using a lubricating jelly;
  • ask your doctor, midwife or pharmacist if they can suggest a suitable ointment;
  • consider giving birth in a position where the pressure on your back passage is reduced, kneeling, for example.

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after i'd given birth to my second son a wopping 10lb7oz, (he's now just turned 2) i had really bad hemorrhoids they were very very painful, i felt like it ruined the joy of having my new baby it was to painful to sit and hold him properly, i eventually spoke to my midwife and was given antibiotics they slowly got better, but i think the worst thing i did was lay down all the time as i was told this allowed them to swell, i am currently 28wks pregnant and i am petrified they will be worse this time.
by gemmamc 11th Aug 2010, 5:32pm