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Grandparents 'more active' in children's lives

Brits are receiving more help from their own parents with raising their kids, reports suggest.
British children are increasingly benefiting from the support of their grandparents as the older generation becomes more involved in their grandkids' everyday routines, it has been said.

As the overall health and fitness of over 50s in the UK continues to improve, grandparents are taking a more active role in their grandchildren's lives.

Charles Grimaldi, managing director of family holiday specialist Grand Breaks, said: "They [grandparents] are keen to participate – rather than be bystanders – in activities with their grandchildren.

"Inevitably, this is creating the environment and opportunity for shaping even closer relationships with grandchildren, than was the case in previous generations."

Research conducted by the University of Brighton found that in addition to helping with school and nursery runs, preparing meals and babysitting, grandparents also like to have fun with their grandkids by taking them swimming or teaching them how to ride a bike.

Mr Grimaldi added: "Grandchildren are proving to be as mentally stimulating to their grandparents as their grandparents are to them."

According to the LinkAge Plus report from the Department for Work and Pensions, at present, more than 40 per cent of the adult population in the UK are aged over 50.

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