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Getting pregnant after an abortion

We share all you need to know about trying to get pregnant if you have ever had an abortion.
Dealing with an abortion can be difficult and upsetting, however long ago it happened and for whatever reason. If you've decided you want to try to get pregnant again, you're likely to wonder if your abortion will have any effect on your chances of conceiving.

To help ease some of the worries you might have, and to reassure you that you're not alone, we share answers to some of the most common questions asked by women who have had an abortion and are trying to get pregnant again.

Will my abortion affect my fertility?

It's very unlikely that having an abortion, whether you had it a few months ago or many years ago, will affect your fertility in any way. This is because abortions nowadays are entirely safe procedures carried out by medical professionals, and so there is little that can go wrong.

If your abortion was successful with no complications, there's no reason that your fertility will be affected. Lots of women find that they conceive very easily after an abortion. The fact that you have already conceived successfully will go some way towards showing that your body is able to conceive again.

In rare cases having an abortion by surgery can weaken your cervix, but this can be solved with a simple stitch operation. Ask your doctor for more advice if you are concerned.

What if I have had several abortions?

Research has shown that having several abortions also has little effect on your fertility, just as if you'd only had one abortion.

The only thing that may affect your pregnancy if you have had several abortions is that you may have a slightly increased risk of miscarriage. However, this is only in rare circumstances. On the whole an abortion should not affect your ability to carry a pregnancy through to term, so this isn't something you need to worry about.

How long after an abortion is it safe to try to conceive?

This really all depends on when you and your partner feel ready to bring a baby into the world.

Understandably, after an abortion (even if it was several years ago) you might feel particularly sensitive about the idea of conceiving. Your partner, too, may have some reservations and neither of you should feel pushed into making a decision before you are completely ready.

It's also wise not to rush into anything if you had an abortion recently, as your body will need time to recover. At the very least it's advisable that you have one or two 'normal' menstrual cycles before trying to conceive again.

If there were any medical reasons behind your decision to terminate your pregnancy, you should see your doctor before trying to conceive again. It's also worth talking to your doctor if you have any questions about getting pregnant after an abortion.

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by Mgbeojikwe 30th Nov 2011, 9:30am
i am 24 year old and trying to getting conceive I did abortion two years ago how can i get pregnant
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