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Getting pregnant after a miscarriage

We share all you need to know about getting pregnant after a miscarriage
Losing a baby is a devastating experience no matter how far you were into your pregnancy and the thought of getting pregnant again can be a real source of anxiety for many couples. To help you feel informed and reassured we share the answers to some common questions about trying to get pregnant again after a miscarriage.

When can we start trying again?

To a large extent this depends on how both you and your partner feel. Some couples decide to to start trying again right away while other's feel that they need to wait a while. There is no right or wrong answer, you need to recover both physically and emotionally and only you will know when you're ready. Having said this many health care professionals do recommend that you wait between 3 and 6 months, or at least until you experience one 'normal' menstrual cycle, before trying to conceive again .

Once you do decide to start trying for another baby it can be a good idea to visit your doctor for a pre-conception check up as they will be in the best position to advise you of any precautionary measures you should take based on your individual circumstances and medical history.

Will a miscarriage affect my fertility?

Having a miscarriage will not affect your fertility and most women do go on to enjoy healthy pregnancies. Even after recurrent miscarriages (defined as 3 or more losses in a row) there is still a 70% - 80% chance that you'll carry another pregnancy to full term. However, if you do experience several miscarriages in succession your doctor is likely to suggest you investigate further as this may signify an underlying fertility issue that they can identify and treat.

How can I stop it happening again?

One of the many fears that couples have after a miscarriage is that subsequent pregnancies will end in the same way. However, it's important to remember that nothing you did would have caused the loss and you shouldn't feel guilty or blame yourself in anyway. Pregnancies that end in miscarriage are usually the result of an anomaly in the developing foetus that meant it simply wasn't able to survive until full term. While, for this reason, there is no way you can completely prevent it from occurring again, it does mean that in all likelihood your next pregnancy will be a healthy one.

Despite this when you're trying to conceive it does help to make sure that you look after yourself to ensure that your body is a healthy place to grow a baby once you fall pregnant again. Eating a balanced diet, maintaining a healthy weight, taking regular exercise and only including alcohol and caffeine in moderation are all good practices to follow. Refraining from smoking and making sure you take folic acid supplements are also a must.

How can I cope with the stress?

Losing a baby can make you feel alone even if your family and friends are trying to be supportive. However, it's really important that you try to minimise any stress or anxiety that you're feeling. Talking about what you're going through whether this is to a counsellor (your doctor should be able to put you in touch with one if you feel it would help you overcome your grief), to your partner or to strangers on a forum should really help you to cope. It's also really important to look after yourself and finding a channel to help reduce any anxiety your feeling, be it yoga, massage or something entirely different, can be a good idea.

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Hi, I had a miscarriage a year this time me and my husband decided that i go on holiday for 5weeks and come so when i got back i waited for a while before we decided to try again, since september we have not seen anything so if you can help me by telling what to eat and what not to eat that will boost it up quickly i will be grateful, thanks a lot for your help hope to hear from you soon. josephine.
by pearl 19th Dec 2011, 4:37pm
by Mgbeojikwe 30th Nov 2011, 9:28am
me and my husband have one near 3y old together, and for the best part of 2years have tried to give him a brother or sister, we sufferd our first miscarrige last year then just 4months later went trough our second. we are again TTC and really hope when it happens nothing goes wrong, i was lucky and had a referal after my second due to some family history which may have been a factor however theses tests including basic PCOS bloods, scans, hormones are all nomal. its nice to know were both healthy including no translocations in our dna but knowing no reason so it cant be fixed.. we just hope one day our little one has another sobling here with us.
by beccamay2967 31st Oct 2011, 5:01pm
I am 25 and had my first miscarriage about 6months ago and 2weeks after that i had a dermoid cyst laparoscopy. I later recovered from the surgery and after several review, my doctor said i was now fine. I and my hubby have tried conceiving since then in vain. Could the surgery have affected my fertility?
by Felishiah 19th Apr 2011, 5:16pm
i am 23 i av got a 11 month old daughter my pregnancy with her was absoulutly brilliant i had no problems but in feb this year 1 ad a miscarriage at 6 n half weeks i have just found out i am pregnant again and over the moon wot do u fink my chances r of this 1 bein ok x
by slt87 12th Aug 2010, 10:28am
i had my first misscariage in between my first and second children i was only 7 weeks gone but devastated but 6 weeks on i was pregnant with my 2nd child and 3 years later had my 3rd i we decided to try for a 4th and september last year i was thrilled to discover iwas pregnant quite quickly everything seemed ok until my 13 wek scan showed the baby had died i chose to let nature take it's course but ended up hemorraging and havin an erpc and blood transfusion 4 months on i want to try again but my husband say's no way i know i am lucky to have 3 healthy children but losing 1 in such a way just makes me want to try 1 more time to every one who has lost 1 and try's again it is possible just relax and it will happen good luck :-)
by mummyof4 14th May 2010, 3:46pm
i am 20years and i had a miscarriage with identical twins at 11weeks when i was 18. i dont smoke or drink alcohol but my husband who is 23 smokes. we tried previously but i couldn't fall pregnant i think because the stress of losing my babies was too powerful i was in a bad bad way. now we had been separated for a year but we have been back together for a few months now. i've been taking agnus castus and eating healthy etc basically trying to repair my body. because also i hemorrhage. do you think ill get pregnant in not too long? with my twins i conceived the first time my husband and i even had sex. . do you think that points too good chances???
by iieice 30th Dec 2009, 9:58am

I had a miscarriage on 42days....after that i got my regular periods.whats the diet i should maintain..i'm very much eager to have baby.please Advise!!!
by Meens 6th Aug 2009, 10:43am
I have series of miscarriage,though i have a baby now who is three years old last miscrriage is about 17months ago and still tring to conceive.All i want to know is why am i finding it difficult to conceive again,my medical records says am ok,am 37years old.
by osime 16th Sep 2008, 9:09am