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Food allergy not always linked to childhood eczema

While the number of children affected by eczema is on the rise, cutting out foods isn't always the solution.
Parents have been advised that food allergies may not be responsible for the rise in childhood eczema.

Despite previous studies linking food allergy to eczema symptoms in children, a new report warns that eliminating certain foods may do more harm than good in some cases.

New findings from the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care suggest that parents should not cut out certain foods, such as milk from their baby's diet on the belief that allergy may be linked to symptoms of the skin condition.

According to the institute, most babies and young children with eczema will grow out of it, without need to change eating habits.

Professor Sawicki, the Institute's director, commented: "Restricting children's diets can harm their health and growth, so parents need to be careful about acting on unproven theories about diet and eczema.

"Trials have shown that eliminating foods like milk or eggs from the diet of small children with eczema probably only helps if they have proven food sensitivities."

The number of children with the eczema has now increased to one in five, the researchers revealed.

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