First antenatal care visit

What to expect from your first antenatal care visit or booking appointment with your midwife, with information on pregnancy screening tests and checks that may be carried out.
Your booking appointment will automatically be sent to you after you have told your GP that you are pregnant. This appointment usually takes place at the hospital maternity unit or at the community midwives' antenatal clinic, which might be at a local health clinic or at your local GP/midwife unit. This appointment is usually scheduled for between the 10th and 12th week of your pregnancy.

A booking appointment at an antenatal clinic usually lasts two hours. You will possibly only see one midwife during the appointment, although in some areas you see a midwife and a doctor or obstetrician. One of the first questions you will be asked is the date of your last period. From this, the midwife will determine your 'Estimated Date of Delivery (EDD)' using a special chart. This date can then be confirmed by the dating scan you will probably have at about 12 to 13 weeks.

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My first midwife appointment was a total waste of time and very disappointing. I had been told to contact the clinic by my doctor and spoke to a lady on the phone when I was just 4 weeks to arrange my booking appointment at 9 weeks. I knew that i would be able to choose between 3 hospitals but was of the understanding that all other aspects of my booking would be done at this appointment.
After digging my car out the snow and driving along icy roads to get there early I was then made to wait for 40 mins for the midwife. She didn't apologise for the delay or even ask me how i was. She gave me my due date which I already knew and then began to explain that she didn't usually work here or have a clue what she was doing. I told her the hospital i wanted to go to at which point she explained she couldn't help me today and would have to refer me there. I got a leaflet about the scan and sent on my way. I must have looked pretty disappointed as when she saw me out she explained that she was probably as ***** off as I was as she had to dig her car out at 7.30am this morning and no one had given her a hand over. It was a really rubbish first experience and this is my first baby. I wasn't expecting much but a smile and some support would have been nice!
by Elnino 11th Jan 2010, 3:11pm
I found out i was pregnant when i was just 3 weeks and got my midwife appointment when i was 6 weeks. My midwife was dis-interested and half-soaked to say the least. She wasn't interested in my urine sample, didn't inform me of any tests (just gave me a pack full of info booklets), the appointment only took about half hour and she didn't even tell me her name or a number to reach her on.
I have my scan on the 30th and hopefully will revieve better treatment there xx
by Ruth1089 30th Dec 2009, 9:57am
Antenatal was THE best decision for us. We were so worried thinking we were in way over our heads with the whole pregnancy, child birth, looking after such a little person! ARGH, but we went to mum dad antenatal, which a friend reccomended to us and they were BRILLIANT, great for both mum and dad, got us up to speed, talked to us about what to expect, what we should be doing, and we've made some great friends in the process! id definatly reccomend - if u have any antenatal queeries or questions just get in contact and il try 2 help! good luck!
by jagsinghkandola 13th Jul 2009, 9:04am
I have my first antenatal appointment next week. The thing is it says there may be a scan included on that day. I thought there definately will be. I will be rather dissapointed if i dont have a scan that day as i only had a miscarriage in december and have had some spotting in this pregnancy. I really need my mind to be put at ease to know that the baby is ok.
by arri 2nd Apr 2009, 9:06am
we are measuring at our first midwife call as 14-15 weeks thing is were only 10.we are awaiting desperatley for our first scan and been told a private scan is not available at our local hospital.Bangor.We have been told that either the dates we have watched for months are wrong or were having twins .our bump is measuring 35 " .may not sound much but from a size 6/8 to 12 maternity pants there has been no secrets with fam friends or work. I am worried sick now ,,,is there 1 or 2,,, how long do urgent scan appointments take.?? as a mother of 2 gals aged 11 n 9 n having 2 c sections twins would be a blessing as its my last pregnancy.. bring on the scan :)
by rw1 23rd Feb 2009, 12:49pm
So Is My Husband :)
by natalieee 28th Nov 2008, 8:57am
2 hours????? are you sure?????? my midwife in my gp surgery has been fully booked and i have had to wait four weeks for an apponitment (next friday) I very much doubt i'll be in there for 2 hours 10mins if i'm lucky good job i discovered I was pregnant srtraight away.
by Sonya1 8th Oct 2008, 9:05am
I share your sentiments Brollywoman! My first appointment with the midwife at my local surgery this week was totally disappointing. She just thrust loads of forms on to me and told me to choose whether I wanted a scan locally and wait 6 weeks for the results, or w hether i wanted to go all the way to London and get the results after 2 days - I chose London. She didn't give me any information about any of the screening tests and told me to read the info pack. This is my first pregnancy and I wanted some information about what was happening to my body etc. I got more information and care from the internet. I really don't want this woman as my midwife.
by Jill85 28th Jan 2008, 6:13pm
This was a really positive experience, since my first appointment with the midwife was rather disappointing, to say she was disinterested would be to understate the point. In the hospital, the midwife was a real sweetie. She explained exactly what she was doing and why and gave the opportunity to ask those really silly questions, I needed to know the answers to. My hubby and I were overwhelmed by the dating scan, I couldn't speak and began to cry when I saw our little poly move and play with their fingers.
The midwife in my GP's surgery insisted to know which of the 3 hospitals in the vicinity I wanted to give birth in, I told her I hadn't any experience of any of the hospitals as i have not lived in this area for long. She told me just to chose. She gave me no advice or information on the local hospitals or what type of care they could offer. She asked me if i minded if she left early as I was her last appointment that day and besides, she wouldn't be my named midwife anyway, so it was pointless getting to know her. I thought, thank god for that!
by Brollywoman 23rd Jan 2008, 10:39am