Fire guards

Advice on what to look for when choosing a fire guard to protect your baby.
Whether you have a wood, gas or electric fire in your home it is essential that you have a good fire guard in place to prevent your child from burning themselves.

There are many different styles of fire guard available from those which cover the whole fire area to more ornamental ones which sit inside the fireplace. Essentially, the larger the fireguard, the further away from the fire your baby will be kept so if space allows you should choose one that surrounds the whole fire place. It is also advisable to choose a fire guard that will easily fold away for storage during the summer months.

When choosing a fire guard you should look for one with narrow gaps between bars so that a child is not able to reach through. Additionally, gates should be fixed to the wall surrounding the fire so that baby is unable to pull it over or move behind it. It is however important that there is a safety latch of some sort to enable adults to access the fire itself.

With the huge range of shapes, sizes and styles available, finding a fire guard that keeps enquiring fingers safely away from fire whilst looking attractive and not taking up too much space in your home should be relatively easy.

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