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Getting pregnant is all in the timing

Fertility WebTV show - Find out how to increase your chances of conceiving by 89%
  • Chat date: Friday 3rd August
  • Chat time: 12:30pm

Are you, or is someone you know trying for a baby? Is Mother Nature taking longer than you'd hoped? Do you know exactly when you're ovulating?

Women can spend years wanting to avoid getting pregnant, yet when they do decide that the time is right to start a family, it can often take longer than expected.

It's widely reported that 1 in 6 couples have difficulty conceiving and with masses of media coverage relating to infertility, many women worry about their ability to have a baby. Yet, new research suggests that a primary cause of failing to conceive is quite simply having sex at the wrong time.

Few women have a 'regular' 28 day cycle, therefore the days of the month when pregnancy can occur will differ from woman to woman and from cycle to cycle.

With over 20 years experience in women's health and fertility, Lesley Foster will be clarifying the confusion about your cycle and giving advice on the best ways to determine your own most fertile time. She joins us to answer all your questions, and so too will Joanne Wesley, who had been trying for a baby for over 2½ years and fell pregnant after 4 months once she was able to identify her most fertile time.
Lesley Foster, Fertility Expert and Joanne Wesley, mother join us live online at on Friday 3rd August at 12:30pm.

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