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Baby feeding pillows

Advice on what to look for when buying a baby breastfeeding or nursing pillow, plus the opportunity to purchase a range of baby and twin feeding pillows.
A nursing or feeding pillow is a 'V' shaped cushion which can help with breastfeeding by bringing your baby up to the right height to feed.

By supporting the weight of the baby during breastfeeding, the nursing pillow helps both mother and baby to relax more and saves sore arms and shoulders.

Nursing pillows come with a variety of covers to choose from and the curved shape of the cushion is said to help protect tender caesarean scars from bumps or kicks.

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would u say its good to breastfeed
by cris1989 16th Mar 2009, 9:17am
It really isn't an essential piece of kit for a breastfeeding mum. Too many mums struggle to get babies position right for breastfeeding because they buy these blooming pillows and think baby MUST be propped up on them. Baby should be positioned correctly for feeding and then if the mother is to maintain that position for the duration of that feed, she MAY need a support of somesort under her arm or babies body, But seriously, save your money, us your normal pillow or cushions or a rolled up baby blanket. Many of these pillows are too big, or cause Mum & baby to become too warm and can really postion baby badly for breastfeeding.
by JOJACK 22nd Aug 2008, 10:33am