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Hello guys just want 2 notify u that I am not 9 weeks pregnant I am 11 weeks this week please update me 4rm this weeks my I started my period on the 14 may and the last period was on 17 may thankS
by ntebaleng 20th Jun 2013, 3:20pm
I was ovulating on the 9th of December we had sex on the 7, 8 and 9th of December i started having pains in my belly a couple days later and now its the 17 of December and im throwing up is that to soon to know if im pregnant
by punkyl 20th Dec 2010, 9:19am
18 weeks preggers
very new to the site so haven't had a proper look into it but i like the idea of following my babies development.
by valder 20th Dec 2010, 9:17am
I love this website I used for my first baby who is nine months old, and now I found out I am 6 months along in my second, but I can't find how to add the second baby so I can use the baby tracker ( one of my faves on this site!!) Can some one help?
by santobaby 13th Sep 2010, 9:58am
hi, i think im pregnant but not sure. i was due on my period on tuesday 2nd march but have had nothing.
im experiencing a few symptoms but not too sure.
can someone help please?
by jordanriley 14th May 2010, 5:35pm
i am new to this website and i am just about to start trying to conceive. this website has helped me with a lot of questions and worries i had. just a little thanks.
by Angela88 11th Sep 2009, 3:31pm
Hi! Really love this site but think that the 'chat' button should be made more obvious. I've been on here about 6 weeks and only just found it. Think it is an excellent tool for getting to know people better and very under-used at the moment. Just an idea! Thanks. x
by minimacwanted 2nd Sep 2009, 10:32am
why cant there be competitions for pepole out side of the uk?!
by sherry 24th Apr 2009, 9:28am
Post in General Chat "Black Eye"

I feel that this topic is slightly innappropriate as if this was a man saying he had given his wife/girlfriend a black eye then there would be an absolute uproar even if it was a one off so don't feel it acceptable for people to be supporting a woman giving her husband/boyfriend a black eye.

Might just be me and don't want to cause an argument so haven't posted but feel quite strongly that this is double standards and not on.
by MUMMY2LUCA 6th Apr 2009, 9:22am
I love the weekly email updates about the development of my baby, but think these could be further improved by giving the average size (mm/inches) and weight (g/oz)for that week. This week (week 21) my baby was compared to the size of an envelop - which in itself is a strange concept but also gives no real clue as to the length etc (what is the size of an envelop?) Thanks! :o)
by KathrynJ 31st Mar 2009, 10:33am

I juts wanted to mention about sleeping through the night for babies: it means that if your baby sleeps 5 and more consecutive hours at night. Do not expect your little one to sleep for 10 hours without making any noise and waking up! What happens over time (0-6 months and later) is that your baby (with your help) will learn how to sooth himself back to sleep.
Sometimes, just offering a pacifier will help him to fall back to sleep, or feeding, or being with him for a few minutes. Also, watch WHAT your baby needs and how he responds.

The Cry It Out method IS NOT RECOMMENDED until your baby is 6 month old!
by jumpingbean 2nd Feb 2009, 10:45am
i would like to thank ask baby your programme is great am a third time mum but am learning a lot on this site ever since i was pregnant, now my baby boy is 2 months old and this weeks news letter made me learn alot lov this site!!!!!!!!!!
by E3 1st Sep 2008, 8:52am
askbaby as been such a great help for me so far thru my pregnancy and no doubt when my baby is born. every lil thing iv worried about thru my pregnancy iv asked all the other pregnant women and recived so much advice. i love 2 watch how my baby is growing on the development pages. think this site could be even better with stuff like chat blogs and photo albums on. xx
by mylillamb 18th Mar 2008, 9:33am
I have found one of the nicest sites as you realise your not the only pregnant one in the world and can get everyones views, its great for advice and tips. The only thing we've been a bit disapointed with is the pregnancy calender seems to be totally wrong and our babies development has changed so much in a day it looks like I'm 8 wks gone when I'm only 5!!! Still love this site regardless of those little blips!!!
by DonnaM 28th Jan 2008, 6:15pm
I just LOVE askbaby it show us parents that we just need kids in our lives and we love it me and little nichole (not born)
by mns14 29th Oct 2007, 8:36am
It seems like a very good site to connect with
by Valeria 4th May 2007, 5:08pm
this is a very good site to go on
by none2 4th May 2007, 5:07pm
I am really enjoying recieving the weekly updates but I am expecting twins and it would be great if you could provide further information on this for expectant mums like myself. I apprecate that this might be a big ask but it would be very helpful!
by AskBaby9156 28th Nov 2006, 3:50pm
I'd just like to say a big thankyou to ask for providing advise on controlled crying. My daughter is 8 months old and until I read your controlled crying paragraph my husband and I were getting minimal sleep. In just three nights our daughter is sleeping through the night. It really does work. Thanks again
by AskBaby8794 15th Nov 2006, 9:48am