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Family of nine girls welcomes baby boy

The first boy in a family of nine girls has been born.
A family from Hertfordshire is celebrating after welcoming a baby boy who has nine older sisters.

Sally and John Laycock from Welwyn Garden City have a total of nine daughters aged between 17 and two.

When Sally discovered earlier this year that she was pregnant again, one could forgive her for predicting the birth of another baby girl, but a later scan revealed the surprise that she was expecting her first boy.

Baby Lewis was born two weeks ago weighing a healthy 7lb 12oz and will spend his first Christmas in the family's four-bedroom house, which is overflowing with clothes, make-up and fashion magazines.

The parents admit that they spend a fortune at Christmas, but always save up in advance in order to be able to afford enough food and presents.

Family and friends have been asked to buy plenty of boys' toys this year after years of giving dolls and dresses.

Sally (34) told the Mirror: "He's the perfect Christmas present. I'd assumed he'd be a girl because I've got so used to having them. I'm so excited."

Husband John added: "I love my girls. But at last I am no longer the only man in the house."

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I am happy for this family, but at the same time the familyis a large one.
by ogeben 22nd Jul 2009, 9:48am