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Electronic and musical toys

Useful information on electronic toys, including toy laptops and music centres
While toys of any sort are fantastic in providing an interactive learning experience for your child, there is an incredible range of electronic and musical toys on the market that are designed to promote development as well as to entertain.

Musical toys such as keyboards and drums are not only really interesting and appealing to children but also help to increase their attention span, promote creativity and motor development as well as acting to improve memory skills. Playing with musical instruments also helps teach children about basic concepts such as pitch and loudness - skills which will help develop their listening and communication skills.

Electronic toys such as infant computers and toy mobile phones really help to build your little one's imagination as well as to fine tune their hand-eye and motor coordination skills. Playing with electric toys also help infants to learn about cause and effect associations, plus it is always fun to play grown up like mummy and daddy!

When choosing a musical or electronic toy for your child you should always check that the target age range is appropriate for your little one as well as making basic safety checks such as looking for small or easily breakable parts and ensuring the product conforms to EU safety standards.

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I found this great article about how musical baby toys can actually increase your baby's/ child's brainpower. It is about how music can improve analytical and logical skills and musical toys are a great way for your baby to express themselves as they haven't got the best grasp of language yet.
by PixieLex 6th Oct 2008, 9:50am