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Eat fibre while pregnant says study

A fibre-filled diet can help reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia, according to a study
Pregnant women who eat a fibre-filled diet are less likely to develop pre-eclampsia, a study has found.

Women who eat more than 21.2g of fibre a day have a two-thirds drop in risk compared with women who eat less than 11.9g.

"These results suggest the important health benefits of increased fibre consumption before and during early pregnancy," said Dr Chunfang Qiu of the Swedish Medical Centre in Seattle, who carried out the study.

Fibre intake can be increased with foods like fruit and vegetables, and something as simple as two slices of wholegrain bread can add 5g, he added.

The results - published on the American Journal of Hypertension website - were based on a study of 1,538 pregnant women's diets from before conception through to the third month of pregnancy.

Pre-eclampsia affects ten per cent of mothers and happens in the later stages of pregnancy.

It is the most common serious pregnancy complication and results from a placenta defect.

Without symptoms in the early stages of the pregnancy, it can only be detected with regular antenatal checks on blood pressure and urine.

There are various groups who have a greater risk, including first-time mothers, those with high blood pressure and those over 40.

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