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Dreamgenii Breastfeeding Pillow & Nest

Find out why this breastfeeding pillow should be on every new Mum's shopping list.
The Review: Vikki & Ellie road tested the Dreamgenii breastfeeding pillow & baby nest

Ellie (only one month) is already a bit of a wiggler and being a summer baby she has been getting very warm and uncomfortable when being held close in the traditional breastfeeding positions.

Because of her discomfort it has been taking over an hour just to get her to start feeding so after two plus hours we have both been getting unnecessarily stressed, my back was aching and Ellie wasn’t getting as much milk as I feel she could have been.

Ellie immediately benefited from the "dreamgenii" Breastfeeding Pillow. The pillow offers the support that a newborn needs both for their lower back and neck. Because of its clever design Ellie’s head is in the perfect position for her to latch on and start feeding when using the "rugby ball" technique. This has allowed both of us to remain perfectly comfortable throughout the feeding process. My back has not felt so good since before I became pregnant!

The dreamgenii pillow is also perfect for Ellie to remain sleeping on after feeding. She is actually far more comfortable on the pillow than she is in her Moses basket. Which means a little bit of peace for Mummy until the next feed.

In my opinion, whether breastfeeding or not the pillow is very versatile and is very comfortable for my Ellie and I would recommend getting one to anyone who has a young child.

The dream genii breastfeeding pillow retails at £37.99 and is available from

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yeeppppp agree.. very useful.. i used all through my last semester in pregnancy to support my tummy & 8 month of breastfeeding my baby... must have :)
by Hania 8th Nov 2010, 11:28am