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Doors and windows

Advice on baby proofing the doors and windows in your home, plus the opportunity to purchase a range of baby safety products.

It is essential that you secure the windows in your baby's nursery and any other room in which baby may spend time unattended. This is even more important if your windows open from the bottom, are at a low level, or are not properly locked with a removable key.

Window stops are available to help prevent baby from trying to crawl through windows. When these are properly fitted they stop windows opening more than 4 inches. In rooms where there is furniture in front of the window or in which the window is particularly accessible it is advisable to use a window guard instead. These are more secure and allow you to fully open the window without any risk of baby falling.

Although it is not always realistic, it is preferable to fit every window in the home with a window guard and to keep window areas clear of furniture. You should ensure that any window guards fitted can be easily opened by an adult to allow escape in the event of fire.

From a young age you should begin to teach your baby not to lean out of windows. Additionally, you should never encourage your baby to open a window themselves or ever leave them unattended in a room with low open windows.


There are a huge variety of child proof door locks available with one designed to fit evey style and shape of door imaginable. Door knob covers fit over regular turning door handles and make it very difficult for small infants to get enough grip to open the door. These can be useful in preventing access to an unsuitable room without an adult present.

External doors should be kept securely locked to prevent curious babies venturing outside alone. Additionally, to prevent a common accident, bright stickers should be placed at infant height on sliding glass doors.

A range of cabinet locks are available, the most suitable will depend on the fittings of the cabinet you want secured. However, which ever you choose you should ensure that the lock is sturdy enough to prevent even the most determined infant getting into the cupboard, yet make the contents easily accessible to an adult.

Door locks should be placed high out of an infants reach so that your baby is unable to access a locked room or lock themselves in a room with an interior lock. It is important to remeber that door locks are not 100% secure so it is advisable to keep potentially hazardous objects or substances in cupboards out of baby's reach.

The use of window guards and door and cabinet locks around the home will help to keep your baby out of harms way, however a watchful eye is always the best way of keeping your baby safe and sound.

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I have put finger guards from on all the door in my house. They were really easy to fit and they have already saved one of my kids from trapping his finger and a potential trip to the hospital.
by jennyhicks 11th Nov 2008, 9:51am