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Don't fret over 'babymoon'

Pregnant women have been told not to worry about taking a 'babymoon'
Many mums-to-be are anxious about travelling abroad during their pregnancy but have been advised not to worry by Essential Travel.

According to a recent survey, as many as four out of five pregnant women want to go on an overseas 'babymoon' with their partners prior to the birth, but fret about making travel arrangements and worry about their health and safety.

However, the travel insurance specialist has sought to ease their fears, by explaining that pregnant women are not a special case when it comes to getting insured for holidays.

"We get roughly 60 calls a day from women in their first trimester, worried that insurers classify pregnancy as a 'pre-existing medical condition' and they'll need special travel insurance - they won't," said Essential Travel sales director, Stuart Bensusan.

"With a few exceptions, 99 per cent of pregnant women are perfectly fine and will be covered by a standard travel insurance policy.

"Expectant mums can relax and make the most of a much-needed break before the big day."

According to Mr Bensusan, pregnancy will be covered by a standard insurance policy, on the condition that the expectant woman is back in the UK within eight weeks of the due delivery date.

And there should be no problem with the airlines, as most allow passengers to be up to and including the 36th of their pregnancy, assuming it has been complication-free.

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I would urge anyone with this in mind to NOT do it. I was perfectly healthy with no complications whatsoever and decided to give in to my partners wishes to have one last holiday. I was 18 at the time and 25 weeks pregnant with my first child. I had all the necessary checks and was told i was fit to fly. All was fine until a week into the holiday i went into premature labour. Unfortunately we were 2 hours away from the nearest hospital. Obviously neither of us thought we'd be needing a hospital and were happy with having a doctors surgery close by. Little did we know that wouldn't be enough! We made it to the hospital and my baby was still alive. I was linked up to a monitor and could clearly see my baby's heartbeat, i started to relax slightly as i'd convinced myself it would surely be dead. I was told the doctor was on the way. She arrived 20 minutes later having just got out of bed, even though she was called beforehand to let her know i was coming. I then had to fill in countless forms before anyone would touch me. All this time i was in a lot of pain with no pain relief and totally alone as my partner wasn't allowed to be with me. I could see my baby's heartbeat gradually fading and still no-one was helping me even after i'd done the forms. The only time i heard the doctor speak clear english was when she first walked in and said "sorry i've just got out of bed" And when she stood between my legs, watched my baby's heartbeat fade to nothing and say "your baby is dead now we have to get it out of you!"
What i have put here is only a snippet of what happened to me, it truly was the most horrific experience of my life and one that i will never ever forget! I really wish i could turn back time but obviously i can't. If i had stayed in England my baby would probably be alive today.
Is one last holiday really worth it??

I have since gone on to have two little boys and am currently pregnant again and can't wait for my new arrival.
Nothing at all will ever take away the pain of losing my first born. The pain never fades, it just becomes easier to deal with over time. Please please think very long and very hard before going ahead with a holiday abroad.
by chatterbox 6th Aug 2009, 10:43am