Advice on buying toy dolls, doll houses and furniture for your baby to play with.
Dolls make fantastic child's toys as they provide your baby with an instantaneous 'best friend' to cuddle and talk to, helping to develop their imagination and communication skills and also help to teach them about caring for another.

Soft dolls are best for younger babies as - look for dolls that are made out of lots of different textured materials as these will help to stimulate your baby's sense of touch. Check that there are no small components (such as buttons or eyes) that could easily be pulled off, or hair that could be sucked out and pose a choking hazard. Soft dolls also provide a great alternative to a teddy bear as your baby's comforter.

There is a huge range of dolls designed for older infants, these tend to have moving components and come with accessories such as clothing or baby bottles. Playing with dolls helps to stimulate your baby's imagination and enable them to develop their understanding of the world around them. Playing with dolls will also help your baby to develop and practice their language skills.

Doll houses complete with mini furniture always make a fantastic gift and are a nursery accessory that will really be treasured for years.

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my girl Nevvah 2 months she have dolls she love to play whit them talking outside everywhere so i must say no and she start screaming / crying so she take outhers things
by VanessaAngela 12th Aug 2010, 10:43am