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Disposable nappies

Advice on what to look for when buying disposable nappies, plus the opportunity to purchase a range of absorbant disposable nappies.
There is a huge choice of disposable nappies available. The only thing you need to know is your baby's weight, as this will influence the size you will need. After that it is trial and error to discover which disposable nappy is right for you and your baby.

Questions to ask before buying disposable nappies
  • Does it fit well? - Any gaps around the legs or tummy could mean leaks (especially during the night) and red marks on legs or tummy can indicate that the nappy is too tight.
  • How absorbent? - Your baby's skin should be dry, not clammy when you take off the nappy
  • Is it comfy? - Look for plenty of padding
  • Value for money? - It is a false economy to buy cheap nappies if they do not fit or leak, you will end up changing your baby more frequently.
  • Should I buy in bulk? - It can work out cheaper, but ensure your baby is not close to moving up to the next size.

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There is range of disposables out there i found that when using huggies they was rubbish they didnt soak up and left my child drenched so i tried asdas little angles i was so happy with them i have not switched back since! :)
by Sexymonkey 28th Jan 2011, 4:53pm
When i had my son i used disposable nappies as using reuseable didnt enter my head! but for those who use disposable nappies Pampers newborn nappies are rubbish they caused leakage and mess! so that convinced me to use reuseable alot less stress! hope this helps.
by XmelX 5th Aug 2008, 9:11am
Before I was pregnant I didn't really think about what type of nappies I'd use until a friend said in horror "your not going to add to the landfill with 5000 nappies are you?"
So I have been investigating the options. One argument is that all the washing you have to do with reusable can cause pollution. I talked to my hubby who is definitely the one to ask as he does environmental impact assessments for a living. He reckons that it’s not only a problem that the landfills are filling up with nappies. What you have to consider is the life cycle of the nappy. e.g. the chemicals and bleaches in production ,the transport pollution, energy used to make them etc, etc and then it takes about 100 years for a nappy to biodegrade. Which brings us to another problem that effects the environment that is the harmful chemicals that are produced in landfill that pollute our air. Asking hubby about the daily washing he reckons that you can buy environmentally friendly washing powders and the water we used does go to treatments plants any way. You can also put your machine on at night to save on the electric bill. Not to say that I would never use a disposable and I have not got a clue what it will be like using reusable nappies. But I am going to give it a go. As I am bringing a child into the world I have to at least try to make it a good place to be. Hope this doesn’t sound preachy and you find this informative. Good Luck what ever you choice is.
by JacksterWood 5th Feb 2008, 9:17am