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Diet can help school performance

A nutritionist has advised that having the right diet can help kids learn in school
The right diet can help improve children's learning ability, concentration and behaviour, and so lead to a better academic performance, a nutrition expert has said.

Rita Stoffaneller, the senior nutritionist from Efamol, a supplement company, believes that providing a nutritious lunch for a child will not just keep them healthy, but will help them in the classroom too.

"Every parent wants their child to achieve the best they can in school, and to help give them the best start possible," she said.

"Evidence suggests we can begin by looking to the foods they eat."

Food additives should be avoided, according to Ms Stoffaneller, while a good supply of omega-3 fatty acids is recommended.

These acids can be found in oily fish and are linked to improved concentration, learning ability and hand-to-eye coordination.

The government recommends that people eat two portions of fish per week, with one portion being of oily fish.

For sandwiches, wholegrain bread should be used as it releases energy slower than white bread, meaning children feel filled throughout the day, and pasta or rice salads can be used as an alternative.

Making these changes can "help give your child the brain boost they need to be on top form this year", Ms Stoffaneller concluded.

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