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Delivery 'increases bonding' between mother and baby

An expert has said that giving birth naturally is the best way for mothers to bond with their babies.
National charity Baby Lifeline has said that the process of natural delivery has the effect of increasing the bond between mother and baby.

Professor James Walker, a spokesperson for the group, explained that, although caesarean sections have become a lot safer and women now recover quickly from them, a natural birth in pleasant surroundings is the "optimum for any mother".

According to the Royal College of Midwives, the common reasons for requesting a caesarean section include feelings of helplessness, a belief that it is an easy way to give birth and the fact that certain high-profile celebrities have opted for a caesarean section.

Indicating that it is best only to choose a caesarean section if it is absolutely necessary, Professor Walker said that there is a risk that a mother may not form a bond with a caesarean section baby, although he added that it is "not huge" because conditions have improved so much and many people are awake during the process, which he said makes a "huge difference".

He added: "It is very difficult therefore to tease out the effects of a caesarean section from the reasons for it, but there is no doubt that in all probability the process of delivery itself actually increases the bonding between mother and baby."

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