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Kick-start your child's financial future

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Chat date: Monday 26th November 2007

Chat time: 12:30pm

Are you worried about your child's financial future? Do you ever wonder if you will be able to support them perhaps with a deposit on their first home or with getting married? If so there is a government scheme you should definitely be making the most of - The Child Trust Fund.

Children who are eligible for the Child Trust Fund receive a £250 voucher from the government to help kick start their account. What a great start to that savings account you've been meaning to open all this time. The best part is that your child can't touch it until they turn 18, when they can decide how to best use the money.

Choosing the best option when it comes to your child's Child Trust Fund account could make a huge difference to the choices they will have in the future. Turning 18 is without doubt a social crossroad and a bit of spare cash will give them the help they need on the road to adulthood. To advise you on the various ways of investing your child's £250 voucher, we've got Clare Merrills, CTF expert dropping into the studio to tell you everything you need to know.

Clare will be explaining what a Child Trust Fund account is, and how you can add to the government's contribution to make sure that your child ends up with a lump sum to kick-start their future and to give you that priceless peace of mind you need.

Clare Merrills, from HMRC joins us live online at on Monday 26th November at 12:30pm to discuss planning for your child's future.

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