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Baby changing units

Advice on what to look for when choosing a changing unit for your baby's nursery, plus the opportunity to purchase a range of nappy station changing units.
A changing unit is designed to raise your baby up to your waist height so that you don't have to kneel on the floor or bend over the bed to change your baby's nappy. These not only remove the strain on your back associated with changing your baby on the floor but also provide you with a designated changing area where all the products you need for changing time are to hand.

Changing units usually consist of a 'changer' which sits on top of a combination of drawers or shelves designed to hold your baby's bedding and changing materials. The changer typically has raised sides and a comfortable mat for your baby to lie on and is usually removable so the changing unit can be used as a dresser once your child grows out of nappies.

When choosing a changing unit it is important to consider the height of the carer who will use it most, as well as the materials it is made out of. You should look for a sturdy changing unit, with a good quality, waterproof mat for your baby and with plenty of storage space.

For those who do not want to invest in a changing unit or who simply don't have the space, changing tables are also available. These sit over the top of baby's cot and so provide a waist level area on which to change your baby. If using a changing table you should ensure that all products are within arms reach - perhaps affix a shelf to the wall above the cot if you are short of storage space.

Whether you choose to use a changing unit or table it is vital that you never leave your baby unattended, even in a unit with raised sides. Therefore, placing all changing products within arms reach is essential.

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I was going to use some old wooden family furniture in our nursery but this has unfortunatley been in a house fire. It wasn't damaged but will have been subjected to the smoke, will I still be able to use it if its properly cleaned, and does anyone know how I could clean it?
by von13w 14th May 2010, 5:04pm
Hi there

I am 5'1'' and concerned that all baby changing units will be too high for me to use. Does anybody perhaps know of one that will be comfortable for me to use?
by heleen 3rd Nov 2008, 10:08am