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Cars, trains, trucks and planes

Useful information on all sorts of toy vehicles for your child to play with
Cars, trains, trucks and planes are all fantastic toys for your baby to play with. Not only are they entertaining, especially those that are bright coloured or have moving parts such as wheels and propellers, but they also help with child development.

From a young age playing with toy vehicles allows your child to practice their hand-eye coordination and also helps them to develop understanding of cause and effect. As your baby grows and starts to become interested in the wider world around them, playing with toy cars, trains, trucks and planes allows them to develop their imagination and role playing skills, all the while engaging their attention and stimulating the development of the brain and of the senses.

As with all baby toys, safety should be a priority. For a younger baby choose larger, plastic toy vehicles and check there are no small, removable or breakable parts that could pose a choking hazard.

For older baby's and young infants smaller toy vehicles with ramps and tracks are likely to be popular. It is however important to check that any toy train, plane or car sets you purchase are designed as a child's toy rather than a collectors item as the latter are unlikely to have the safety checks imposed on them that their toy counterparts will have.

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