Car journeys

Advice on entertaining your baby on car journeys plus the opportunity to purchase a range of baby car mirrors, car seats and games.
Long car journeys with a young baby require careful planning and while some babies will find the motion of the car soothing, others find it quite distressing.

Here are some tips to help keep baby entertained and comfortable while you are travelling by car.
  • Always secure your baby in an age appropriate car seat and ensure it is fitted correctly before you leave home.
  • Try and plan the journey around your baby's normal sleep routine. If you plan to travel at night or early in the morning, the roads will be quieter and baby is more likely to fall back to sleep when you start driving.
  • Plan your route before you leave home and take clearly written instructions with you.
  • It is a good idea to become a member of a breakdown recovery service if you are not already and to carry your membership details with you in case you have car trouble
  • You should always carry a mobile phone and a torch if you are likely to be travelling at night
  • Take regular breaks for feeding and changing - you should not attempt to breastfeed baby in a moving car as this would mean taking baby out of their safety seat.
  • Take a waterproof blanket with you so that wherever you stop you have a clean, dry surface to change and feed baby on and which baby can have a little play while you have a rest - this will help to tire baby out and will also break up the monotony of the journey for you
  • Babies are always happiest when they can see one of their parents so if you are not driving, sit in the back seat and keep your baby company
  • If you do have to drive, baby car mirrors are readily available and allow you to keep an eye on your baby
  • Play nursery rhymes or song tapes when in the car and sing along, this will help to keep even a young baby entertained
  • Fit a small mobile above baby's car seat and take their favourite toy or comforter to keep them happy
  • If you are travelling during the day, fit a sun shade on the back windows to help prevent glare and stop your baby from overheating
  • Babies under 12 months shouldn't suffer from travel sickness but you should still keep plenty of air circulating in the car
  • Take plenty of drink and little snacks to keep older babies happy
  • Take a light blanket to place over the whole car seat - this will help your baby to feel comfortable and may encourage them to have a nap

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If can and is neccessary make frequent stops if traveling with a newborn baby
by lilmell 24th Jul 2009, 9:02am
When travelling long distances in the car with a 5 month old baby will the affect of getting blocked ears from travelling affect baby?
by tntewiki 27th Mar 2009, 9:18am
It is also important to consider that sitting in a car seat for extended periods is not good for the baby's spine. You should only drive for a few hours (2 hours max) before stopping and allowing the baby to lay down flat to rest his/her back for at least half an hour before resuming the car trip. The longer the car trip the more frequently you should stop as the trip progresses. This was advised by my midwife when I asked about our 7 hour long car trip.
by Annab08 22nd Aug 2008, 10:33am