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Win 1 of 3 Caboodle Active bags

Enter to win one of these fantastically stylish and practical Caboodle Active changing bags.
Congratulations to Tracey from Co. Durham, Angela from Plymouth and Leanne from Leeds who each win a fantastic Caboodle bag!

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All entries must be received before midnight on 29th July, 2007.

A winner will be chosen at random from those listed on on 30th July, 2007

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When Caboodle designed the Active bag they managed to encompass everything a busy parent could possibly want in a functional changing bag within a sleek, stylish shell. It can be comfortably worn across the body or just on one shoulder for added versatility and is available in 3 stylish colours that will please both Mum and Dad.

Encompassing a grand total of 5 pockets the Active bag features an insulated bottle pocket, a mobile phone pouch, a parent's pocket (for grown up bits!), a webbed back pocket complete with changing mat as well as a separate compartment for 'grubby stuff'.

In addition to the Active bag, the award winning Caboodle Collection offers a wide variety of other baby changing bags that are great for parents with busy lifestyles. They look good and are extremely practical, boasting multiple pockets and compartments for baby things. All in their own way combine practical features and good looks.

For more information visit Caboodle bags at

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These look fab!
by melodyruth 22nd Jul 2009, 9:44am
very good and easy for all of her bits and bobs and millions of toys x
by sallyrocks 19th Mar 2009, 9:35am
I am expecting my first baby, I am overwhelmed by the whole experience and think this bag is one of the best I have seen. To be a winner would be just such a fantastic present.
by dancer33 6th Nov 2008, 8:55am
I am expecting my first child next june and this looks like a great idea i
by staceyrudd 8th Nov 2007, 9:17am
it looks very versatile easy to use fab design
any one would love to win this
by jacqui1964 28th Aug 2007, 8:36am
having watched my friend with this bag and the fact that she can pack like Mary Poppins I'd love to win one and cut down on the extra bags I am taking with me at the moment
by Magvath 20th Aug 2007, 4:06pm
I want to be a funky mum and this bag really fits the bill.
by mandles 8th Aug 2007, 9:05am
The bag looks absolutely perfect ,plenty of space without being too
bulky and weighty.. I would love to win this prize...
by nicjc 30th Jul 2007, 9:18am
I think this is a great prize, looks good would do the job and its not very bulky
by RsYummyMummy 30th Jul 2007, 9:17am
I would love to win one of these bags as through trial and error of chold number one I now know what works and what doesn't and my current changing bag certainly doesn't. A new baby gives me the perfect excuse to replace the existing bag and perhaps find a bag that achieves everything I did without the embarrassment of my husband having to carry it.
by Perry06 28th Jul 2007, 1:26pm
I really like the look of this bag, and the ability to wear it in different ways is a great idea so it can adapt to whatever you are doing
by edamer 28th Jul 2007, 1:25pm
looks great hope i win one fingers crossed
by amylou02 28th Jul 2007, 1:25pm
well what can i say about this bag, it carries everything you can possibly need and more without it being bulky like normal baby bags, there are seperate pockets so easy access to the most important things, i think that winning one of these would make travelling out and about a lot easier a lot less to carry and they look good. I want one
by rhian 28th Jul 2007, 1:20pm
My wife is expecting twins, and I'd love to surprise her with a lovely Caboodle Active bag, it would her life soooooo much easier.
by boardwalkbob 28th Jul 2007, 1:16pm
These are just gorgeously cute and still practical, FANTASTIC!!!
by Fia 28th Jul 2007, 1:02pm
Ooooh I'd love one of these!
by dozydizzy 23rd Jul 2007, 9:17am
I would love to win one of these bags as they look very stylish and would go with basically any outfit. It sounds like there is a lot of room for not only your baby bits but also extras for yourself like pocket space for keys and phone. This sounds a lovely bag, here shoping on winning!
by babyx1uk3 23rd Jul 2007, 9:14am
What a fantastic bag! This is a fabulous, stylish accessory which seems to have thought of everything for the modern parent and with 5 pockets it seems to have space for everything we'll ever need for a day out and about with the little one.
by coppelia100 20th Jul 2007, 8:47am
this looks great, the compartment for grubby stuff would be perfect for carrying home our used reusable nappies, what a great idea.
by Traceym1 19th Jul 2007, 8:50am
finally a stylish changing bag thats practical & funky, brilliant!!
by biljobay 16th Jul 2007, 9:10am
These bags look good and seem practical.
by AskBaby10871 11th Jul 2007, 8:51am
They look fantastic great choice of colours great for both myself and hubby to use.
You can never have to many pockets in a bag GREAT!
by jess07 11th Jul 2007, 8:51am
Looks perfect - big enough for two babies' 'kit and caboodle'!
by faylisa 11th Jul 2007, 8:50am
lookf fantastic, i'd love one of them.
by Trees 9th Jul 2007, 4:22pm
I have been looking at these bags as I reckon they will save my back rather than the over the shoulder strap style! Like Erin I am also looking for a bag that hubby can use too.
Alison x
by alison6692 9th Jul 2007, 9:19am
This bag looks incredible- I think it is good for all. How i will like my son to have one of them!!!!!!!!!!!
by lovelyemeli 9th Jul 2007, 9:16am
Going through a pregnancy for the first time is a learning experience, but I've heard that the amount of stuff you need to transport for 1 tiny baby is quite a bit. This bag looks perfect, especially the changing mat bit and a place for grubby things - genius!
by Hetty 9th Jul 2007, 9:14am
just found out I am expecting after a 12 year gap, so starting all over again with baby stuff, this bag looks very trendy!!
by felixthecat 6th Jul 2007, 4:32pm
Love the look of this bag - so much more trendy than some of the big bulky changing bags! Also like the fact that hubbie could carry it without looking too girlie, lol!!!
by Erin1 6th Jul 2007, 1:13pm
anything that keeps baby's bits and bobs in one place is a must have!
by prozacspice 6th Jul 2007, 9:00am
as a mum to be this bag would be ideal due to the easy carry strap which would suit my partner instead of having a big glumpy bag to carried. also it looks comfy to wear especially if i have my baby in a carry slip.
by thomo 6th Jul 2007, 8:59am
As an expectant mother who likes walking, this bag looks ideal for taking the little one's items along.
by turbite 5th Jul 2007, 1:10pm
Id love one of these bags! Its amazing how much stuff you accumalate when youve got a baby,lol.
by keljbj 5th Jul 2007, 8:45am
looks easy to carry
by roseannie 2nd Jul 2007, 8:34am
My friend recently got one of these for her second baby and she said she doesn't know how she managed before with her bigger bulkier changing bag and carrying a carrycot.She said using this was so much easier and she would never go back to being weighted down with the other kind.
by chrisma232 28th Jun 2007, 8:51am
the bag looks great and easy to use
by leneth 27th Jun 2007, 1:01pm