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Advice on helping baby to bring up wind after a feed with information on burping positions, trapped wind relief and remedies.
Many babies are able to bring up wind themselves either by burping or hiccuping after a feed. However, if a baby swallows excess air whilst feeding, bubbles can become trapped in their digestive system. If the air bubbles are too large for baby to pass easily they can cause discomfort. While trapped wind is not harmful, it can be distressing for both the baby and for the parents; for this reason it is often best to help baby bring up wind after a feed.

If your baby does need help bringing up wind there are three commonly used positions that may help relieve discomfort.
  • Probably the most commonly used position is with baby held upright over your shoulder - you should use one arm to hold the baby against you and the other to rub or pat their back.
  • Another commonly used position is with baby sitting upright on your lap - you should lean baby slightly forward and support their chin with one hand and rub or pat their back with the other.
  • Lying your baby on their tummy over your knees can also help to relieve wind - again you should use one arm to support baby on your lap and the other to rub or pat their back
You should try a combination of all 3 methods to find one that best helps baby to pass wind. Bear in mind that if after a couple of minutes of back rubbing and changing positions baby hasn't brought up any wind, unless they are showing signs of discomfort (such as grimacing or pulling their legs in towards their tummy) it may be that they simply don't need to bring up any wind. Additionally, babies often bring up milk when burped so it is best to place a cloth over your shoulder or on your lap to protect your clothes.

If your baby consistently finds it difficult to bring up wind after a feed you may find that gentle leg cycling or massaging baby's tummy helps to break up air bubbles and relieve discomfort; alternatively anti-colic remedies are available from most chemists.

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i find gently jiggling baby up and down on my shoulder helps while i pat her back, plus bumping her on my knee or lifting her high above my head and then back down a couple of times helps to get the air on the move.if baby does not settle well on her back i find laying on their stomach to sleep helps but keep a good eye on them as this is not recommended by health care these days.
by loutom 12th Aug 2010, 10:48am
To mummyto Devvinkelsi, i breastfed my son and despite everybody saying they dont get wind while breastfed, he did. we tried Infacol,availible from tescos and other pharmacies.What it does is join all the air bubbles together and you get one big burp. The first time i saw this i thought Homer Simpson was in the room with a large can of Duff.Sometimes it can be the way they are latched on or they arent getting any hindmilk so always start each feed with the boob u finished on. Good luck it does get better tho i have heard boys tend to breastfeed longer than girls.xx
by suzi2 12th Aug 2010, 10:18am
my 8 week old seems to be suffering from trapped wind and it is really frustrating! is this something that will stick for ages or will it just be a passing thing?

by xxjesxx 14th May 2010, 4:40pm
my daughter is 10 weeks old and has been on formula milk (cow & gate) since she was 6/7 weeks. however i am a little concerned as she continues to bring up around 1/2 oz of sick after each feed. She was doing this on breast milk, aptimal and now cow and gate. She will often bring up sick hours after her feed and we have had to spend time at the hospital as she had begun choking on it. The Dr. put this down to reflux and have given her medication but this has not improved. Does anyone have any other suggestions or possible reasons as to why this is. She takes 5/6 oz feeds as told by the Dr. every 3/4 hours.
by KezzaBee 7th Sep 2009, 11:32am
I am currently breastfeeding my 2 wk old baby but finding it really hard 2 bring up her wind.she used 2 bring it up really quick but last nite i was up 4 5hrs with her as she couldnt bring her wind up an wouldn't settle wen i lay her down.its really frustrating 4 me as i didnt get any sleep last nite and my son woke up at 6.30am so couldnt go bak 2 bed.can sum1 plz give me sum advice plz?x
by MummytoDevinnkelsi 12th Jan 2009, 10:36am