Brit kids' celebrity dreams

Over a quarter of British children want to become celebrities, according to a new poll
When it comes to a career, many British children want one that will bring them fame and fortune - in contrast to their parents.

Over a quarter (26 per cent) want to become celebrities, with jobs like being a popstar topping the list in the study by Start-rite Shoes.

However, less than one in ten adults (eight per cent) said they dreamed of stardom when they were young, with over half (53 per cent) wanting a professional career, like a teacher or a nurse.

The two jobs that appeared in the top five for both adults and children were being a famous footballer and a teacher.

"With celebrities dominating the press and so many TV talent shows on our screens, it's no surprise fame and fortune has climbed the career aspiration ladder," commented Dr Sally Ann Law, a personal and executive coach.

"Parents want the best for their children and regardless of specific jobs, this study reveals the major motivation for their chosen careers; 34 per cent of adults and 26 per cent of children cite happiness as the most important reason for chasing their dream roles."

A popular job choice that is no longer in orbit is being an astronaut - many adults wished they could travel into space when they were young but the job is less popular now.

That is in contrast to becoming a vet, which is now a popular choice, with eight per cent of children citing it compared to just one per cent of adults.

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