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Breastfeeding aids

Useful information on the range of breastfeeding aids available, including feeding pillows, thermal gel packs, breast pumps and breastmilk storage bags.
Breastfeeding your baby gives them the best possible start in life as breast milk contains all of the nutrients needed for healthy development, it also provides an excellent opportunity for bonding. There are a number of breastfeeding aids available that are specifically designed to make breastfeeding comfortable and convenient.

Thermal gel packs are designed to soothe sore nipples and engorged breasts. The majority can be either heated or cooled before application and are discrete enough to be worn inside your bra. Some are self-adhesive and act to prevent breast milk leakage whilst helping to soothe cracked nipples.

If you do suffer from sore nipples, massaging specially designed breast cream around the area will help to prevent infection and re-moisturise the sensitive skin. Most breast creams only contain natural, non-toxic ingredients and so are safe for your baby, meaning that you don't have to cleans the breast and remove the cream before a feed.

Nursing pillows are designed to make breastfeeding more comfortable for mother and baby. They provide support for Mum's back, neck and arms and help baby find the optimum position from which to latch on properly. Most feeding pillows facilitate a range of feeding positions and can also be used when bottle feeding. Many nursing pillows are able to support for the simultaneous breastfeeding of twins.

When choosing a feeding pillow you should look for one with a wipeable or washable cover, one that provides adequate support for baby's head and allows you to adopt a range of different feeding positions.

Breast milk can be expressed either by hand or by breast pump and stored for later consumption. Breast milk storage bags are specially designed to provide sterile, leak proof storage in the fridge or freezer. The majority are disposable, are fitted with a secure sealing mechanism and come with a reinforced label area for you to mark the date of expression on. Most bags only hold small amounts of breastmilk as this makes it easier to store and transport, faster to defrost and results in less wastage.

Breast milk storage trays are also available; these allow you to securely freeze and defrost small amounts of breastmilk in an easy to store- hygienic manner.

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