Breast pumps

Useful information on the different types of breast pumps available to help you express milk for your baby plus the opportunity to purchase a range of hand and electric feeding pumps.
There are various types of breast pumps available and which pump is best for you will depend on your needs. Some women find it quite easy to express milk by hand, but most need the assistance of a breast pump.

An electric pump is the quickest way to express, but the most expensive. If you are returning to work and expressing every day, you may find the investment worthwhile if you plan to express quickly away from home. You can also hire an electric pump, which is useful for short periods, if your baby is born early or you want to pump as well as build up your supply. If your baby is premature your hospital may be able to loan you an electric pump.

Also available are hand pumps. Cheaper models take two hands, but you can also buy one-handed pumps. Breast pumps are very individual, usually only bottles or bags of the same make will fit. Suction depends on the model, it may be worth speaking with other expressing mums or even borrowing different pumps before you decide on the best model for you.

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are breast pumps sore or kis it just like feeding
by babyca 20th Oct 2008, 10:47am