Breast pads

Advice on what to look for when buying disposable, reusable and washable breast pads.
Leaking or spraying breasts are a natural part of breastfeeding. Some women never leak milk, whilst others leak a little from one breast during almost every feed. Some women may begin to leak from their nipples even before their baby is born, others do not. However for many women leaking is just part of breastfeeding.

Breast pads can help prevent milk leaking onto your clothes. They are inserted into your nursing bra to absorb excess milk and prevent staining. Breast pads are available as either disposable or machine washable pads.

Reusable breast pads

Reusable breast pads have a cotton lining which is soft and gentle against the skin and absorbent padding which draws moisture away from the skin, trapping it behind a leak proof liner. Some pads also have an outer layer of terry cloth. Machine washable pads are also environmentally friendly.

Disposable pads

Disposable pads have a soft top layer with nipple indent which keeps the breast dry at all times, cushioning for extra comfort, an absorbent core guards against embarrassing leaks or staining and a breathable outer layer which helps avoid sore nipples.

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