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Brain surgery baby home for Christmas

A baby who became the youngest ever patient of brain tumour surgery at just two weeks is recovering well.
A two-week-old British baby thought to have become the world's youngest ever patient of brain tumour surgery made such a good recovery that she was allowed home to enjoy her first Christmas with her family.

Madison Quartarone was just a few days old when it was discovered that she had a large benign brain tumour.

Without surgery, Madison could have died within weeks, therefore the baby was taken to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London where doctors began the delicate procedure of starving the tumour.

Having undergone seven operations within the first seven weeks of her life, Madison, now eight weeks old, was able to enjoy the festive season with her loved ones at home in Bedford.

Neuro-surgeon Dominic Thompson said that Madison's surgery "could be groundbreaking".

He explained: "Certainly, in my experience, I am not aware of anyone as young as Madison having this treatment. To be born with such a large tumour is very unusual as only a small percentage of tumours present themselves in the first month of life."

Her mother Charlene (20), a restaurant worker, said: "We are so pleased she's home but we are very tired. She's stable at the moment and is feeding well."

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