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Bettacare Auto Close Gate

The self-closing safety gate that makes your life a little easier and your home a little more secure for your baby.
About:  The Bettacare Auto-Close gate has won awards for the way that it revolutionises stair safety in the home and for good reason.

Fitted with a specially designed auto-close mechanism, this safety gate automatically closes and locks itself whenever it is left open, removing the need for you to do this yourself and the danger that it might get left open. The auto-close gate also features a new type of locking handwheel that cannot be over tightener or worked loose, making it completely childproof. Easy to install, this gate comes with simple instructions and can be secured against a flat wall or a rounded banister (using the Y spindle attachments).

Available in 3 sizes, Standard (75-82cm), Narrow (68.5-75.5cm) and Xtra Narrow (61-67.5cm), extensions for the auto-close gate are also available meaning that it can be used to secure openings of up to 155cm in width. The Bettacare auto-close gate also meets current safety regulations making it the perfect gate to give you peace of mind as your child begins to explore your home.

The review: (Tested by Abi & Ben)

Ben (very almost one!) has just started to wiggle around the house and is proving to be a bit of an explorer so I'm particularly conscious about making sure the stairs are secure. Thankfully the Bettacare safety gate didn't disappoint

The idea behind the gate is brilliant; I love the auto-close mechanism
and it works really well. You simply have to lift the gate up to open it and then as soon as your through it closes and locks by itself. This makes life a lot easier if you are going up or down the stairs with baby in tow as its one less thing to worry about or fiddle with.

The gate itself is lightweight, not at all unpleasant to look at (which is definitely a positive as our stairs open into the front room so the gate is on view the whole time!) and is relatively easy to use. I like the locking wheel fixings but did find that if you screw the ends tight enough for the gate to be 'solid' it can be a little stiff to lift (which I guess it has to be to prevent kiddies opening it but still....).

The regular sized gate fitted our stairs perfectly but I like the idea that there are other size options available if you wanted to use the gate to block a doorway or something. However, I did decide to use the gate at the bottom of the stairs rather than the top as there is a floor level bar which I felt could potentially be a tripping hazard. On the plus side, there are no obvious hinges for little fingers to get trapped in and the gate itself seems to be really sturdy, it was also quite simple to set up - I decided not to affix it with screws but I don't think this makes the gate any less secure.

All in all i really liked the auto-close stair gate - its nice to see a safety product that actually makes my life easier as well as making my home safer for Ben.

For more information on the Bettacare Auto-Close Gate (RRP: £25.99) , visit

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Can i know where can i buy this Bettacare Auto Close Gate in Kuala Lumpur?
by Hes 4th Jun 2009, 9:11am
to me this sounds grate ill b sure to get one
by bambeanyo 23rd Jun 2008, 8:29am