Reducing bed sharing, reducing cot death
Having our daughter Hannah sleeping right next to us but in her own separate unit is so reassuring and makes breastfeeding at night so relaxed and easy. - Peter & Josephine Danks (South Africa)

I'll never forget those first few nights as we settled down together, side-by-side. I felt so safe and relaxed about everything. - Dawn Osman (Norfolk)

The bednest allows you to relax and feel confident knowing your baby is safely sleeping next to you. - Katie Wake (Wiltshire)

These parents are talking about the award winning BedNest which, born out of a desire to increase parent-child bonding, had a design brief to allow closeness and security at arms' reach thereby reducing the risk associated with bed sharing.

The product is a small, mobile, light but sturdy bedside crib with 12 height adjustments and a secure system of attachment to an adult bed. Remove the crib's near side and the two sleeping areas are adjacent and on the same level.

Additionally the BedNest is easily cleaned and folds up quickly and neatly for storage or travel.

Order on line at or call 01249 783768.

AND if you're still not convinced here's what Susan had to say: For my husband and I the BedNest was the perfect solution to our new sleeping arrangements.

When our daughter Betty was born I wanted her in the bed with us but in practice my husband couldn't relax for fear of rolling on to her. For two weeks she was ferried between our bed and her moses basket - neither of which were restful for any of us.

We began using the BedNest when Betty was two weeks old and immediately our sleeping and hers improved and breastfeeding became a lot easier. When she stirred from her slumber I would reach out and rest my hand on her chest or hold her tiny hand and she would be soothed back to sleep. It was reassuring for both of us as we could see, hear and touch each other all the time.

Our daughter is such a happy, contented and cheeky little baby and I feel sure in part it is due to her having slept beside me for 4 months. She has so much confidence and we are so incredibly close. Every morning she would wake me up with a great big smile on her face - it's the stuff memories are made of!

The BedNest is fantastic value for money. We spent around £150 on a moses basket and bedding and stand, then a further £100 on a travel cot that included a bassinet so we could use it from birth. The BedNest is so transportable. Most weekends we went to stay with relatives - we just folded up her BedNest and went! We didn't even need to strip off the bedclothes! In 4 months of using the BedNest we haven't used the Travel cot or moses basket once!

The BedNest is very stylish and unique in design. It isn't intrusive so doesn't take over our bedroom. When not in use I push it up against the wall so I have free floor space. The shelf underneath is handy to store spare bedding and muslins.

I think it would be wonderful if the BedNest was either made extendable (I don't know how) or in a variety of sizes. Although Betty has made the transition into her cot easily I would have loved to have bed shared for longer - maybe even until the age of two. I miss waking up beside her as she's smiling at me and falling asleep to the sound of her breathing. I feel that the BedNest reinforces the bond between mother and baby. She is my little companion all day and all night - the way I believe nature intended.
- Susan Fowler (Bristol)

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