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Bambino Merino Sleeping Bags

Find out why Bambino Merino sleeping bags are a super-soft must have
About:  Bambino Merino have created a luxurious range of sustainable and ethically produced baby wear and sleeping bag sets. Made from the finest New Zealand merino wool, a naturally soft and lightweight fabric, they are perfect for baby's delicate skin.

The breathable, natural fibres of merino help to regulate baby's body temperature so your little one is comfortable, safe and warm in all seasons. Even babies with eczema can wear it without their skin becoming irritated.

What's more, their super-soft sleeping bags are designed to last, adapting to fit your growing baby from 3 months right through to 2 years of age. They're also machine washable and can be tumble dried on a low heat making them perfect for busy parents.

The review: (Tested by Claire, John and Baby Emma)

I have to say that we're new to baby sleeping bags although I have heard others rave about them - fortunately the Bambino Merino bag didn't disappoint.

Emma was quite content to make the switch from blankets to bag and enjoyed wriggling around in her new covers without being able to kick them off (something I was grateful for too!). The adjustable poppers at the shoulders meant that the bag fits her snugly at the moment and gives her plenty of room to grow.

It's incredibly soft to the touch and didn't seem to irritate Emma's eczema at all which is always a concern. Temperature-wise she seemed quite comfortable without any extra blankets too.

The bag fastens with poppers at the shoulders and unzips fully around the side and bottom so changing isn't as much of an issue as you would think and the sizing seems to be generous so you can imagine it will last the distance. The only problem I could foresee was that the top of the zip wasn't covered so might catch under the arm when Emma is bigger, or prove a bit of a temptation for curious fingers but this isn't a problem at the moment.

The bag seemed to wash well without losing its shape or colour and dried surprisingly quickly which is always useful. I also like the idea that it can be tumble dried although I didn't actually put this to the test myself.

At £49.95 a pop the Bambino Merino sleeping bags aren't cheap but because it's such good quality I think it would definitely be a worthwhile investment. In fact we liked it so much that my husband is hoping they'll do an adult sized version!!

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I would like to hear from other parents who have used Bambino Merino Sleeeping bags. I am pregnant with my second child, and although I used sleeping bags with my first baby, I was never sure if he was too hot or too cold. (He was avery bad sleeper, prone to frequent waking). You put a baby to sleep in a room, when the central heating is on, this then switches off during the night. How can you be sure the baby doesn't get cold during the night. Does the Bambino bag adjust to changing temperatures?
by spook2 3rd Apr 2009, 9:11am
I imagine Merino sleeping bags are much safer than normal bags as they have a low fire danger and if they get damp from vomit etc, they don't feel cold on the skin.
by MilkBar 5th Jan 2009, 9:31am