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Baby wipes

Advice on what to look for when purchasing baby wipes plus the opportunity to shop for travel, biodegradable, organic and sensitive skin baby wipes.
Baby wipes are not only a convenient way of making changing times easier and quicker; they can also be popped in your changing bag ready to clean dirty hands or faces and mop up spillages wherever you are.

There is a huge selection of baby wipes available on the market, ranging from the simplest, fragrance free wipes to those impregnated with lotions and oils to clean and sooth your baby's skin. For those with an ecological conscience, biodegradable wipes are available as well as organic, washable wipes made of fleece and terry toweling. For babies with very sensitive skin, simple wipes containing water,oil and minimal additional ingredients are available.

When looking for baby wipes consider:
  • Ease of use - packaging design - Retaining sufficient moisture to do the job is critical and for this it is important to consider the packaging. Wipes sold in tubs or boxes tend to hold their moisture well but are generally more bulky to transport. Refill packs which are re-sealable are more convenient when out but may not retain their moisture as well.
  • Effectiveness - cleansing efficiency - Do the wipes clean your baby well? Is one wipe sufficient or do you need several each change?
  • Texture and feel - Do the wipes feel strong enough and not too wet or dry.
  • Value for money - Are they worth the cost? If you pay more you are likely to get thicker, stronger wipes - but do you want to pay more?
  • Perfumed or non-perfumed - To make wipes moist, they are impregnated with a variety of ingredients and to make them smell nice they may also be scented. Some mums like all the added ingredients, but others - especially those with babies who have skin problems - favour a non perfumed approach.
As with any baby related products, which you choose will largely depend on trial and error - with you establishing over time how different wipes react with your baby's skin and how you get on with their texture, strength and packaging.

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You can also use cloth wipes instead of chemically filled ones. If you have ever washed your face with a perfumed pampers wipe, and then felt the tighness of your skin afterwards.......the same is happening to your babys bum!
by reddwarf 13th Sep 2010, 9:52am