Baby towels

Advice on what to look for when choosing baby towels, plus the opportunity to purchase a range of cotton, hooded, baby bath towels.
Babies lose heat very quickly, especially when they are damp from being bathed. Hooded towels help to keep baby warm by covering their head where most heat is lost.

Hooded towels are usually of a square shape with a triangle shaped hood in one corner. They are usually made out of soft, unbleached cotton and vary from plain to elaborately embroidered (of course this is likely to be reflected in the price).

Most are easy to wash and dry and should retain their shape and soft texture even after being put in the tumble dryer. If your baby has sensitive skin or suffers from eczema you should try and use special sensitive washing powder and conditioner when washing the towels.

Baby towels are available both in smaller sizes designed to suit babies under a year old and larger sizes designed to suit toddlers.

A good tip is to warm baby's towel on a radiator or in the airing cupboard prior to bathing so it is nice and warm. However, you should always remeber to have the towel to hand before you put baby in the bath as they should never be left unattended while submerged in water - not even under the supervision of older siblings.

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The key to choosing good hooded towels is to first find good cotton terry cloth, and if you there is ribbon around the head be sure to choose one with a jacquard ribbon as it sews better into the cotton. It's helpful to have the hood that it is rounded, not pointed.
by momdesigns 4th Jun 2007, 8:36am