Baby toothbrushes

Useful information on what to look for when choosing a toothbrush for your baby.
You can help prevent tooth decay by buying the right toothbrush and establishing a regular teeth cleaning routine.

Toothbrushes are usually sold with an age recommendation for use on the packaging, for example from birth to two years; choose one specifically designed for babies. Your baby's first toothbrush should have a long, thin handle that fits in your hand and helps you to reach around all the teeth, and a small head with soft, rounded filaments.

Once your baby wants to have a go himself, buy a toothbrush with a chunky, short handle and finger grips. The head should still be small and the filaments soft. You will however still need to assist with the cleaning.

You may find it useful to buy a toothbrush with a coloured area on the filaments to indicate the tiny amount of toothpaste that is required for cleaning a baby's mouth.

Change your baby's toothbrush at least every three months, and sooner if the filaments are starting to splay.

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can you use milk teeth from birth.? and can you brush babies teeth (gums) from birth?
by EmmaAndMikale 20th May 2008, 8:41am