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Baby sleeping bags

Advice on the benefits of a baby sleeping bags and features to look for when choosing one plus the opportunity to purchase a range of baby sleeping bags including organic, summer weight and travel varieties.
A baby sleeping bag replaces the need for blankets and top sheets and ensures your baby is always sufficiently covered. Suitable from birth (providing you choose a suitable sized bag), the cosiness of a baby sleeping bag can help to give your baby the security he or she needs to sleep.

A baby sleeping bag allows air to circulate, keeping your baby at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. Being safe and practical are just two of the reasons why in the UK baby sleeping bags are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to sheets and blankets. They are also extremely convenient and can be used not only at home but also when visiting friends, on long journeys, sleeping anywhere around the home and are ideal for holidays. Most baby sleeping bags are machine washable and available in a choice of designs. They are available in sizes from newborn up to approximately four years.

Look for a sleeping bag with deep sleeve holes, so that the air has room to circulate without your baby overheating. Underneath the sleeping bag your baby can wear a cotton sleep suit or pyjamas, or just a vest or T-shirt in summer.

Choose your baby's sleeping bag according to season so that he or she stays comfortably warm and does not overheat. Bags are given a TOG rating according to the warmth they provide.

The benefits of a baby sleeping bag:
  • Your baby is kept at the right temperature all night long
  • Your baby will wake up warm and is therefore more likely to go back to sleep
  • Your baby cannot slip down inside a baby sleeping bag, unlike sheets and blankets, which could go over your baby's head
  • Your baby can kick her legs within the sleeping bag and it doesn't feel constricting.
  • It will stop your baby's feet from getting stuck in the cot bars
  • It will stop your baby from scratching itchy eczema
  • It will help make the move from a Moses basket to a big cot much easier
  • When travelling, however strange the surroundings, your baby will always feel comfortable in his or her sleeping bag
  • It is harder for your baby to climb out of his or her cot and explore the house when everyone else is asleep

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i shop sleeping bag because my son 1 i see hes feet was so cold on top half in hes blanket under hes armacs . He is my sugabebe and he wake me up arond 2 on night.
by VanessaAngela 12th Aug 2010, 10:45am
I have a four months old baby and will like to start using the sleeping bag for her but I dont know how much TOG I should get?
by fran77 10th Mar 2009, 8:49am
these sleeping bags work wonders
by mammie 2nd Feb 2009, 10:42am
i find my baby always feels cold on top half after tucking in her blanket under her arms so have decided to uy a sleeping bag to keep her at the right temperature, she is a little angel and sleeps through the night at 4 months old!!
by roxysmum22 19th Dec 2008, 10:02am
Sleeveless sleep bags are indeed best because they allow air circulation but even better are sleeveless merino sleep bags because merino fabric regulates a baby's body temperature so they don't get too hot when sleeping. For this reason you can use a merino sleep bag all year-round without need to buy multiple bags with different togs. My 1yr daughter loves her merino kids sleep bag. She sleeps in it for night and day sleeps throughout the year and it's great for travelling in the car - it's her mobile bed. And merino naturally resists stains and odours so you don't need to wash it frequently but I agree it's a good idea to get two for when one is in wash. Merino sleep bags can be got through amazon uk and and other such places.
by joaniemiro 20th Oct 2008, 8:55am
Baby sleeping bags (or grobags as they are more commonly known!) were the turning point for us with our little one. She is actually only 3 months old (today!) but we have had her in her grobag for at least a month already and she started sleeping through the night almost as soon as we used it. She knows when it is nighttime as soon as she goes in it after her bath and seems visibly relaxed when in it. Buy more than one though as they tend to smell of milk quite quickly from all the dribbling at night!!! ;0)
by JN 28th Jul 2007, 1:14pm